Saturday, March 14, 2020

Ode to Joy Caturday

How are you doing friends?   We had a lovely sunny day in the city and mum went and met a bestie for brunch and a wander.  She bought a few treats, a candle, some hair products and a fluffy cushion.  there were a few people in town, but lots of the cafes were not as full as usual and mum was happy to get home with me. 

Tonight she made an early supper and has frozen half the leftovers so that she has a couple of easy meals ready to go.   She is going to get up early tomorrow to fill a few more holes in her supplies and then spend the rest of the day with me. 

She watched this video on another website tonight and thinks we all need a little Ode to Joy at the moment.  So beautiful.


  1. Lovely video Poppy!x
    I sent it out a while back..very moving! :).

    Oh! Tell Mum..A New period drama starts over here
    to~night..Belgravia..written by Julian Fellows,
    who wrote Downton Abbey..about a scandal in 19th
    century London..! So, l expect t'll be over to you
    quite soon...! :o).

  2. Sublime.

    Thank you for posting that. "Ode to Joy" is one of my three all-time favourite classical pieces, and as soon as they started to play I started to bawl. Now I have tears and snot (sorry) running down my face...and I have to head out in a few minutes for a haircut. LOL.

    The other two pieces that make me cry every time I hear them are Bach's "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" and Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus."

    All glorious.

    1. Kea..I'm a of the film..
      The Godfather..Since 1972..l've lost
      count the amount of times l've seen it..
      AND..The Music..Well..

  3. Glad mum is still well and getting out with besties. Precious wants to tell that
    places here in Ohio, USA are closing for the virus. Schools, charity events, public
    places, and the like. Don't know what they think 3 weeks will do to eradicate the
    virus, though. Precious has 3 weeks worth of food for now. We people can diet then.

  4. Wonderful. More of this. Less scaremongering I say

  5. Such a beautiful video, Poppy. We are near New York, and there was just a case confirmed in our town. So most people are being very careful here. Mum and Dad made sure we have enough cat food and litter, and that they have enough in case they have to stay inside.