Thursday, March 5, 2020


There are some  last glances of summer flowers on mums walk home.  The nights are darker and cooler and the morning s too are losing their light. 

It is a bit busy at home.  The landlord has organized scaffolding,  builders, painters and roofers.   How stressful!!  Mum made sure that I can hide in our bedroom  but I am glad when mum gets home.  The painters  have been busy, the paint is just about all of the house  after one day.  So wish me luck for my days at home with all the noise, cos if I get too stressed mum says I have to go to the cat hotel.


  1. Quite the opposite over here Poppy!x It's daylight by
    7.30..and still light at 6.00 in the it's
    getting better..have'nt gone out to~day..RAIN..Hate it! :(
    Still found things to do..! :).

    Oh! No! Not the cat hotel..tell Mum to put your favorite
    shopping bag under the bed..and you could hide in there,
    and it won't be so noisy..noisy..? Since when has it been
    noisy..painting! But their building as well..Just tell them
    to keep the noise down..Pussy~cat asleep for 20.5hrs...HeHe!

  2. Poppy, we hope you won't have to go the hotel! Loud noises from work is scary, though. We're waiting on a "significant repair or replacement" to our townhouse roof, and the biped is a bit concerned about how I'll fare through that. Hopefully your work will be done soon!


  3. Good that mum's and your home is being well kept. But
    what cat or person needs all that noise and strangers!
    Hope they get done soon so you can just stay home where
    you belong.

  4. poppy Q...we hope ewe due knot hafta go two de hotel; think feast N bizcuits N shopping bags, may bee that will help !! ???

    :) ☺☺♥♥