Sunday, March 22, 2020

Great Idea

We found another great thing on Bored Panda today.   A Danish supermarket came up with a way to stop people hording essentials like hand sanitiser.  They are selling one bottle for 5.50 Euros, and two bottles for 134 Euros.  Sounds like a good work around to us.

Mum is trying to distract herself by watching Jurassic World on the tv tonight.   Suddenly dinosaurs don't seem so scary.

Stay Safe friends.


  1. I've just got back from Lidl super market..
    And it was quite busy..few empty shelves,
    but plenty of T/P..HeHe! :).
    Looking for a checkout when l finished shopping,
    4 out of 7 were full, quite a few queuing, a
    voice came over the tannoy..that checkout 5 was
    now opening..and there l was..checkout
    went through quite quickly, back to the car and
    home..! Milky coffee and a couple of chocolate
    And..the suns out in ALL it's glory..and quite warm..! :).

  2. That is such a good idea! It is a pity that all shops don't do the same!
    This week we are expecting for the over 70s and the vulnerable to be told to self isolate for 12 weeks. I am fine with that, we have our fields to walk around. Only problem is that I had an appointment come through yesterday to go to the hospital for an MRI scan on Wednesday. As I was put on the urgent list I know I will have to go and not cancel.

  3. Now THAT is a great idea to discourage hoarding! Hope you are well and safe, Poppy and Mum Julie.

  4. Poppy, hope they don't hoard your feast and biscuits. Poor mum has to fend for
    herself. This is one scary event. Keep happy in what sun you can find.

  5. I saw what the Danes are doing, too. If someone wants to hoard so others can't get any, they can pay for it. We hope you and your mum are relaxing as much as possible, Poppy.

  6. Yeah, we saw that and thought it was a good idea. One is OK, you want a second one, it will cost ya!