Thursday, March 12, 2020


Mum has been surprised  that I have not been too stressed  this week.  Yesterday  there were the painters  here, stripping  the paint off  our little  grey house.  Today the roofers were here and it looks like they got the old roof off and replaced in one day, although  the gutters will need to be done. 

I am pretty  keen to see mum when she gets home and ready for some sleep too as all those workmen have ruined my day sleeps. The workers  weren't  around  last weekend,  so hopefully  we can have a weekend  to ourselves.  We haven't  had anybody  here in the mornings  either so mum can sneak  around in her dressing gown without  giving  anyone a fright.


  1. It would drive me mad if l had workmen like
    that..over the years, l've had them like that,
    l always tell stay here until the job
    is finished..NO! Sneaking off to another job,
    or else..! Funny! How they listen to me..HeHe!

  2. I bet the house will be lovely when finished. Let us know if they use a different
    color than gray. I am sure you will sleep much better with quiet and mum home.
    Talk of gray, our sky here has been gray for days with early Spring rain instead of
    snow, thank goodness. Ohio is actually has the most cloud covered days of all our
    50 states. We get only 120 days of some sun a year, yuck.

  3. That’s good that you weren’t as bothered by all the commotion as you might be, Poppy, though having your mum come home probably makes you feel better about everything. It’s good to have one’s friend near by, eh?

  4. poppy we hope ewe can catch a brake frum all de noiz N mum can catch a brake frum werk & herz knot on call ~~~☺☺♥♥