Wednesday, March 25, 2020


Here we go!! As of midnight  we're  on lockdown  here in New Zealand  for 4 weeks.  Mum ordered  a pizza for dinner tonight  before they all shut there doors.  She hasn't  had a takeaway  supper all year but knew she might miss them when you can't get them.  Essential  workers like mum  carry on like normal but mum expects the streets  to be quiet tomorrow. 

It is crazy to think that millions  of people  around the world  will be living like this for weeks but how lucky are most of  us to have warm beds to sleep in and enough food to keep our tummies full. 

Tonight  our country  also declared  a state of emergency  to give police the power to clear the streets and restrict people's movements.  So behave out there!! 


  1. The same for us now Poppy!x
    Though a lot of silly people were having
    Barbeques..and parties, in their gardens..
    Thinking it's safe..Idiots..!
    And the police have powers to stop and fine
    people if there not going shopping, or for
    a walk, or going to the doctors or chemist..
    If people don't follow those rules, it will
    be a 100% lockdown..! :(.

    Good news over here..they've asked for 250,000
    retired doctors and nurses and carers to come
    forward and 11,000 people have applied to help
    so far..the doctors, nurses and carers are
    doing a fantastic everyone does
    there bit..we will get through this..we must
    think positive and take advice from the experts!
    Take care every~buddy..! :o).

  2. Our federal government has held off so far on putting the Emergency Measures Act into place. It would need the acceptance of all the provinces, and probably the federal opposition members as well, since we currently have a minority (federal) government. Right now they're still wrangling over the legislation to get the billions of dollars flowing for those who have been laid off, for small to medium business, etc. I haven't checked the news yet (it's very early on Wed AM here), so things might have progressed. It's no time for the opposition leaders to puff up and cause delays, IMO.

    Our work building is now shut down and the few people who still were going in had to get out yesterday. My boss was kind enough to pick me up yesterday AM from home and help me get my plants home, then take me to a nearby grocery store for a few things. Check out was great, people keeping their distance, the cashier disinfecting the food belt, etc. after every person, but in the actual aisles, only 2 people (besides me) gave a wide berth. I was wearing a thick winter scarf and kept holding it up to my face, because I don't have any masks. Quite a few people were wearing masks, though, and heaven knows where they got them, they're not available anywhere and haven't been for a long time.

    Anyway, TMI today for sure. You both stay safe, tell your mum to take every precaution possibly, Poppy. Lots of hugs and Light to you both. ♥

  3. Our county is on a semi-lockdown now.

  4. Oh, Poppy, glad mum got herself a pizza while she could. I know how she
    feels, deprived, even when you hardly ever indulge in such foods.
    Sorry she is on the front line of working in the hospital.
    You look so healthy and content, spread that feeling to your mum every day.

  5. We are on lockdown too with only essential travel. The police are out stopping cars to make sure they are not breaking the lockdown.
    I have to go to the hospital for an MRI this afternoon so expect to be stopped. I have my appointment letter though.
    Both of us have health issues so have been told to self isolate for 12 weeks for our protection. I have only been out once which was last Wednesday for a pre-scan blood test, so I am very anxious about going to the hospital today.
    Your mum and all the healthcare workers are doing wonderful work and I pray for them all to stay safe.

  6. You will have to show Mum how to make pizzas … with lots of tuna on top for a beautiful cat like you to be able to share with her. Take care. Suky (and my mum Sue) xx

  7. Tell your human I am purring for her to stay safe, especially at work, Poppy!

  8. We still haven’t been shut down so I’m thinking I might venture out once last time to get some fresh produce before the inevitable happens and we can’t go out any more
    Stay safe on the front lines

  9. We are supposed to be stay home and apart from people. But mum was out today doing yard work and greeting people as they walked by on the trail. They weren't close physically but it is OK to still talk to people. Mum figured the streets were pretty quiet the other day already.

  10. Our state is under lockdown, too, Poppy. We are purring and praying for Mum Julie to be safe and well. XO