Monday, March 23, 2020


Today was  mums day off.   She took me for a senior  check which I passed.  I got  some furs clipped  which I wriggled  a bit for.

Mum dropped  me off home and then went to the printers.  She had made a couple if emergency  sheets for me that she had laminated.  In case she gets ill or an emergency  happens she wants to be prepared.   She knows that lots of our readers live alone  too.  She has all my health history  and phone numbers for mums friends on it.  There are feeding instructions  and info about my sleeping  and bedding arrangements.   She feels better knowing  I will be taken care of.

Mum popped to the supermarket.  There was lots of food  available  and no lines which was good.  The meat supplies were low but lots of toilet paper and mum didn't  even buy cat food.  The government  has been imploring  people to shop normally  and that seemed to be happening  today.

When she got home the Prime Minister  had more announcements for New Zealanders.   Schools close tomorrow  and we will go into lockdown  on Wednesday  at midday.  Mum is prepared and ready now. 


  1. Glad you aren't having to deal with the hoarders.

  2. As's a lovely day..Suns out..
    I was up at six, early breakfast, and hit into
    my bedroom..sheets, quilt, hoover..all done,
    and the sheets are drying nicely out on the

    As it was a nice day yesterday, a lot of silly
    people went to the beach and parks, car parks
    had to be closed..silly..silly people..! :(
    Won't they ever listen and learn..!

    Pleased to hear you passed yer checks Poppy!x
    Did you go home and have a long sleep to celebrate! :).

  3. Poppy, dear, you must be very proud of your mum. Not only is she an experienced first responder, but also a thoughtful plan-ahead cat mum! I keep my guys' home-care AND boarding information in a prominent spot on the 'fridge. They also have an evacuation kit ready to go: big (dog) carriers with harnesses and health records inside, plus a bag of kibble and emergency litter trays. (Never mind loo rolls, we must have litter.)

  4. Your mum is very sensible and organised to make sure everything is set up for you in the case of an emergency.
    As willy said, because the weather has turned good the idiots are packing to the beaches etc. What will it take to make them realise they are putting everybody at risk including themselves.

  5. Your mum's very smart to be prepared. I'm surprised you get a vet check, though. They've closed the clinics now except for emergencies/illness and puppy/kitten vaccines. Plus med and food pick up. But you can't enter the clinic, you have to wait outside.

    Anyway, please, please, please tell your mum to take every precaution, she's in a high-risk work environment. Be well, stay safe. Lots of hugs and Light to you both.

    1. The vets had a few cancellation, and mum thought that since it was her day off she would risk it. It was a quick one too, we were in and out in 10 minutes. As of tomorrow the vets will only do emergencies and like your vets, families will have to drop off their pets at the door and wait outside.

      We hope that you guys are safe too.

  6. Lock down seems extreme until you think of how this will help contain the spread.
    I did go to an appt. this morn and stop at the grocery too. It was better stocked
    than last week and the shoppers were all older like me. They were generally friendly
    and none of us were hoarding today. Your mum has the right idea on writing up what
    you need, Poppy, and Precious hopes none of it is necessary in the end.

  7. poppy Q

    we bee gettin reddy ta go on lock down sew we iz knot sure when we will bee abe bull ta sneek ta blogland ~~~~ happee N healtheez two ewe N mum ☺☺♥♥

  8. Poppy, we are glad your mom got a chance to stock up a little. We have lots of hoarding going on at our food markets. We hope these lockdowns all around the world start slowing these numbers down. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
    World of Animals

  9. Mum went shopping today too. Food for me, personal care items for her at one store. The the food store for milk and produce.

  10. I'm glad you and your human are prepared, Poppy.

  11. Your Mummy sounds very well-prepared, dear Poppy! We're on lockdown now in the UK but vets and pet food shops are allowed to remain open so my boys will be happy. xxx

  12. That's a good idea of your mum's, Poppy. I wish I could do that with mine, but with six cats, and all with varied diets and health needs, I don't think anyone could care properly for them if I were out of the picture. I just hope that doesn't happen.