Sunday, March 15, 2020


Mum got sucked into  looking  at the internet  to the wee hours last night, and woke  up early as it was a lovely morning.  The landlord came round and pulled apart the table and benches that were rotten, did some gardening and took the rubbish to the dump.  Mum has realized now that I have nothing to jump out of the window onto, so might have to buy something  for me otherwise my escape route has gone.

As she was up early  she went to the supermarket  to get some chicken/mince/bacon and vegetables for the freezer.   People  were looking  a bit tense but the shelves were full  looking.  She is feeling confident  now that there is not much else she could run out of.

We had a nap before dinner.  Our nights are cooling quickly  and it is dark early.  Autumn is now underway   - we hope that our friends in the Northern  Hemisphere  are feeling  signs of spring.


  1. There's something missing Poppy!x
    No neighbooor pussy~cat on the chair...
    Did you finally see him off..! :).

    I'm off to the supermarket in an hour,
    they don't open until 10, on a Sunday!
    Don't need to much, just a top up, it's
    funny, people going silly over pasta and
    toilet rolls..I've got four different
    sorts of roll, in my 'famous' downstairs
    toilet..just for fun, l've got newspaper
    cut into squares and threaded through pink
    ribbon..HeHe! If it's not least it
    can be used as reading material..something
    to go least..Bless! :o).

  2. Maybe your mum could put the chair under the window for now for you to jump out onto, Poppy.
    Our store cupboard and freezer is pretty well stocked up, but I always keep it like that anyway. I do have to go shopping tomorrow to get fresh food and veg and milk though. We usually go to the pub after for lunch, but it is always busy so we are putting that on hold for the time being.

  3. Boy, Poppy, your house needs a fresh coat of paint, ha ha. Hope you
    get a jumping table soon for going out the window. Over here in Ohio,
    we had snow yesterday and frigid this morn. Signs of Spring are just
    the daffodil leaves showing with a few frozen buds. Since our schools
    are now closed for weeks, I am not sure what to expect of the virus.
    Stay warm and healthy, both of you.

  4. Poppy, that sure was nice of your landlord, but yes, you need something to jump on now. Maybe a chair? We are glad Mum was able to get the items she needed at the store, and that you two are set with what you need. Hugs to you both. XO

  5. I'm glad your mum is feeling that she is well supplied now. That's always a secure feeling. Signs of spring come and go here, this season...

  6. Yeah, the shops here that mum uses have enuf foods. It is the toilet paper, hand sanitizer and cleaning products that people are hoarding. Mum says we are good, even it they tell us to stay home for two weeks.

    Our days are getting longer but still rather cool.

  7. poppy q; if yur pantree iz filled with feest, bizcuitz N spare shoppin bagz....yur set !!! ;) ☺☺♥♥