Saturday, March 21, 2020


Jacinda  was on the news to tell us an update about  the virus  today.  We have 54 patients  and community  spread now.  70 year olds have been told to stay home and people are being told not to travel around  the country.   Libraries  and swimming  pools are closed now.  Mum has a large pile of books as she sensed this was coming.    She has a kindle but likes the feel of a real book.  We are surprised  that restaurants  and bars are still  open - we see they are closing in the uk.

We sense that a lockdown  is not far off.

Mum is working  tonight but then has two days off for us to spend quietly  at home. 


  1. Same over here Poppy! ALL the pubs, restaurants, cafes,
    all closed..though take~aways allowed at the moments!
    Oh! And gyms, cinemas, anywhere were people gather....
    Closed..! :(.

    I'm just gonna shoot into town, get a paper and a lottery
    ticket..and shoot straight back home..! And..that's enough
    shooting for anyone..
    Take care you two..Take care..! :)

  2. As Willy said, everything apart from takeaways closed last night. We have been social distancing for the past week. Ivor went early to get the paper this morning but that will be the last one he collects for a while. One of our livery people is going to get it for us each morning and put it in our letterbox for us. She is also getting essential shopping for us.
    Stay safe Julie, and Poppy you help your mum to relax.

  3. I’m keeping home as much as I can. Our government is slow with all measures so we don’t know if we will be locked down. They have only just closed our boarders Stay safe poppy and mum xx

  4. In Ohio, USA, we have closed everything except for the grocery stores, that
    the hoarders have raided, so no food or paper products to buy. But staying home
    is what I do best anyway, so as long as my supplies and Precious' lasts we are
    praying for the best around the world. Poppy, keep mum healthy on her days off.
    you both deserve a good life, and her being a nurse is difficult on you both.

  5. All but essential services will close here on Monday, but our mum and dad are already hunkered down with us. Stay safe, Mum Julie and Poppy. XO

  6. It is surprising that restaurants and bars are still open. There seems little point in closing anything else if they remain open.