Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Mum has been buying  a little extra each week  to stock up our cupboards.  She has about 50 cans if fancy feast and this week she will buy some more of my biscuits.   Mum is thrilled to have 20 rolls of toilet paper, 4 boxes tissues and a couple of boxes of paracetamol and a digital thermometer  in the cupboard in case she gets ill.   She has had a bad flu a couple of years ago and knows how sick it can make her.  She also works at the hospital, so the chances of coming in contact with infected people is raised.

 She has lots of rice and pasta and canned soup available -  and plenty of chocolate too.   This week she wants  to reassess  what is in the freezer, and make some space for some more bread, vegetables  and chicken.   Mum wants to have enough of what she would buy weekly, so that if she was stuck at home for a month there would be enough to survive on.  She only has a small pantry so it is nice to see it well stocked.

Mum is happy  that she is prepared for most possibilities.   She has been watching  the news and the lockdown in Italy, and if she gets sent home from work tomorrow  she would be ok.  Because mum lives alone she wants us to be prepared. She is not considering it as pain buying but more as being stocked up.

How are you all doing?  Got enough  toilet paper?


  1. Best to be prepared Poppy!x
    A doctors surgery has just closed down in a town
    close to mine..someone there has been found positive!
    So..it's spreading quite quickly over here..world
    wide in fact..I'm still popping out for my morning
    coffee..! :).

  2. We had a nearby doctor's surgery and a school closed after suspected Covid 19 symptoms from people returning from skiing trips in Italy. I have a good store cupboard of tins and past and rice so should be all right with that. I also have a large chest freezer so will get extra frozen veg and chicken when I go shopping tomorrow. I have to admit I have stockpiled TP as with the bowel cancer I do get through a lot!

  3. We're glad your mum's stocked up...especially on YOUR food, Poppy! :-D

    We haven't any cases in our city yet, but it's only a matter of time. Right now the biped has over 100 double-rolls of tp (Costco!), but that won't last forever. LOL.

  4. Sorry to hear the possibilities that may impact your mum, Poppy. Glad she
    could stock up on all the essentials for both of you and hope that it does
    not come to anything more.

  5. Yeah, we are getting stocked up here in Chicago. Mom went out and brought back 30 rolls of toilet paper. Have a case of my fancy feast and jugs of litter. Keeping our fingers and paws crossed your mum stays well!

  6. Poppy, we are glad that your mum is getting all stocked up for you and herself just incase if she were to come down with a sickness during this time. We hope that the numbers start coming down soon. Thanks for sharing your inventory list. Have a wonderful day.
    World of Animals

  7. poppy Q...mum iz veree wize....we hope her doez knot knead ta use all thiz "in case" ...that hasta bee scaree at her werk....we pray her stayz happee N healthee ....♥♥♥

  8. I'm not one to panic, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared, even for every day events. I'm glad your mum is stocking up - just be sure she doesn't use them all up before she needs them! But I'm sure she will be all right; most people will be.

  9. I always have plenty as I don’t know when I’ll have a crash and can’t go out So I’m prepared if I’m too sick to go out
    As we run our own business we order bulk toilet paper for that. Customers, and workers always use our toilet at the workshop. So we just did an order and lots of toilet paper arrived at our doorstep
    I seriously wonder how much toilet paper people think they use in two weeks. It’s madness

  10. I have bought in extra loo rolls too & also extra panadol. Plus of course - the cat food shelf is almost collapsing under the weight of all the food. I think its good to be prepared.

  11. We already were pretty well stocked up on things so my human has been pretty unconcerned.

  12. Good job by you and Mum to be prepared, Poppy! We are pretty stocked up here, too. Mum and Dad made sure to have enough of our cat foods, litter, water, and Gracie's meds. Oh, and they got stuff for them, too. MOL. XO Gracie and Ava

  13. We are doing OK. Enuf foods for me, foods for mum and yes, enuf toilet paper for mum and litter for me.