Friday, March 13, 2020


While the world is spinning  around, mum went and met up with 6 friends for a gin tasting  at a small local  distillery  in town.  Even though the tastings were tiny, mum does not like dpirits unless they are mixed with lots of fruit juice or soft drink.  Mum dislikes tonic or soda water.  She didn't come home with any bottles though as she has 3 bottles of gin  up in the cupboard  already.

She was glad to get home to me.  The roofers had been back again.  Mum left the curtains closed in the bedroom  which was better for me as there was no strange men looking through  the windows at me.


  1. Rather a stern look to~day Poppy!x
    Pleased Mum had a nice time Gin tasting...
    I bet she had a good night sleep..! :).

    I've been to quite a few wine tasting in
    my time, never been to Gin tasting..don't
    really like spirits, though l did go through
    a phase of drinking Bourbon..forty years ago..
    Goodness is it that long..Oh! l enjoy a drop
    of port after a dinner party, with cheese and
    biscuits etc..
    Making me feel hungry now..! :o).

  2. Gin is my favourite tipple and I have 4 unopened bottles in the cupboard that I have bought duty free on cruises. They wouldn't usually last that long but since I have been getting gallstones attack every 2 weeks I can't face the thought of alcohol. I am on the urgent list for gallbladder removal, but in the current climate who knows when that will be!

  3. No peeping Tom's for you Poppy. Maybe a bit of gin
    now and again will keep mum healthy from viruses.
    You look like you caught a bit of sun before the curtains
    went down.

  4. poppy...we wood knot wantz peepulz lookin in at uz either...hope de werk getz done soon...happee week oh end two ewe N mum :) ♥♥