Monday, March 16, 2020


Tonights sky was super pretty.  Mum managed to get a couple  of shots standing in the garden  in her dressing gown.  She has an early start tomorrow  morning  so will have a big shower and do her hair tonight.

Mum made a simple  supper tonight with leftovers  to eat for her lunch tomorrow.   She is grateful  that the library  is still open and she stocked up.  She worries  that they may close  the libraries  and mum loves to read.  Does she sound crazy having 18 books out?


  1. That is a lovely photo to wake up to Poppy!x
    Just 7.30 over here..and the suns out already..
    The weather lady says it's gonna be a nice day..! :).

    18 books..Goodness! In that case, Mum could stack them
    up outside the window for you to jump on, for your get
    away..HeHe! Bless!x

  2. What a gorgeous shot, such a moment of grace in this world-gone-mad.

    Our library has closed now for at least a couple of weeks, if not longer, so it's a good idea for your mum to stock up on reading.

    Stay safe and healthy, both of you. Purrs from Derry.

  3. Your mum should take out as many books as they allow her and as many as she can read. There are a couple of websites from which you can download electronic versions of old books, if you know of one she likes but can't find: and forgotten I use them for research.

  4. What a beautiful sunset. It's too bad sunrises and sunsets last such short times...

  5. I love reading too, and hope with the closings here, that the library
    stays open. I'm not sure I could read 18 in the 28 days plus one renewal
    but why not take them home! Poppy, I think your new paint should be the
    color of the sky.

  6. Good she is stocked up. Mum has books of her own to read so won't go without reading. Mum usually does 4-6 books at a time, but she is an easy car trip to the library. Less than 10 minutes away.

    Pretty sunset, we all need to have something pretty these days.

  7. wow what beautiful foto. mum always goes to the library sales here, they do them 4 times a year and she has at least a dozen books waiting to be read. all books are only 50 cents to 1.50

  8. oh em cod poppy ...mum cap sured an AWESUM foto !!!

  9. Just came home from library, got only 4 books, shelves emptying as
    the library closes indefinitely at 5 pm today!

  10. Since finding kindle I’m a happy girl
    There is a Facebook page that tells you when there are free books to get. I have way more books than I will ever read I think.
    But then again. I haven’t been in lock down before lol