Sunday, March 8, 2020


Mum spied the other neighbor  cat sleeping  on the scaffolding  this morning  and naughty  neighbor  was back on her chair  too.


  1. Maybe he's trying to impress you Poppy!x
    And sleeping on the scaffolding..bit
    dangerous..silly boy! :(.

    We've just had a downpour..l got caught
    up at the supermarket, so l waited till
    it passed over..! Silly people over buying
    toilet paper..and some supermarkets over here
    are empty of food..because of this Corona thing!
    They filmed one silly man, who had just bought
    toilet paper..he had them on a pallet..4ft square,
    and 4ft high..lot of paper that is..and he was
    wheeling it out to his car..! So funny to watch..!

    I'm off for a lemon tea, couple of Bourbon biscuits,
    finish off the pizza dough for lunch later on..nice
    bottle of wine, couple games of footy..that's me
    done...HeHe! Bless! :)

  2. It sounds like these 2 outdoor kitties are trying to
    cope with the painting and such. When it is over
    maybe the chair thief will move on and leave your mum
    a comfy place to sit outside, Poppy.

  3. That scaffolding and stuff looks like quite the disruption for your neighbor cats, Poppy. Maybe they will stop introoding once it's over?

  4. Wow, that's a lot of work going on there. I hope it's done soon, Poppy, so you, your mum and the neighbour cats won't be disturbed anymore.