Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Mum was a little  annoyed this evening.  The bus company  will still be running over the lockdown so that essential workers can get about.  Hats off to them - they are making it free until June which is awesome.   However they are going to  only run it to a Sunday timetable  which means that the earliest bus only gets to the hospital  at 08.34am which is hopeless  for day shifts which start at 7am.  So mum will be stuck walking. 

She is lucky that it is only a 40 minute walk to work, but now with added id checks to get into the hospital  she will have to now  leave even earlier.  She feels  for colleagues  who live much further  away who will be stuck.  She has written an email to the bus company  and to the paper tonight to complain.


  1. Quite a few complaints over here to Poppy!x
    Though more and more 'local' help is being
    sorted..might be an idea if Mum wrote to
    the local radio and TV stations..that might
    help, as it's a wider audience..lets hope
    it can be resolved for Mum and her colleagues..
    40 minute walk..is still quite a way..and then
    to do a long shift afterwards, that's really
    asking to much.! :(.

  2. That is really not good!! Is there anyway mum could rent a car or a scooter for the time being? I agree with Willie, you are going to wear yourself out with that walk twice a day, on top of all the worry, and I won’t even mention your shift work — too much!!

  3. They are running a Sunday timetable here also. It is ridiculous not putting on an early bus for shifts. I hope they have a rapid rethink.

  4. If your mum has to leave for work more than an hour before clock in, her day is going
    to be so much longer! She will certainly be more tired and run down. That does not
    bode well for the sick who need her or for her own health. Hope things get sorted out
    for the better. Thanks Poppy, for letting us know what is going on in NZ.

  5. I’m glad she has emailed the company hopefully they can have a suggestion for her I’m sure she’s not the only one
    Is there someone who works with her that can maybe, at least, drive her some of the way
    Stay safe poppy and mum. We don’t want to to get sick

  6. I hope the bus company changes its run times - you and your colleagues need to be able to get to work as easily as possible!

  7. That's rotten. WE sure hope the bus company makes some adjustments for essential workers like your mum, Poppy.

  8. That is not good. As well, won't the reduced schedule induce many of those who can't take the bus at their usual times all to crowd on when they can?

    More practically, can your mum and others car pool?