Saturday, July 4, 2020


32 - that is how many photos  she had to take of me in order to get one with me looking  at the camera.  She even tried a feather in her hair and sticking  out of her pocket,  but I won't  be fooled.


  1. ALL the photos of you are lovely Poppy!x
    Whether your asleep, or curled up on your
    quilt or shopping bag..or looking out the
    window...they ALL look lovely!
    Your very photogenic..(l'm surprised l could
    spell that, first time)..HeHe! :).

    Bit windy over here, l'm flying the Stars and
    Stripes..4th July..flag's blowing at 90 degrees,
    so it is windy..!
    Just had pancakes for lunch, everything is washed
    up, and cleaned up..Job done..! :o).

  2. Oh Poppy! You don't know how much that made me laugh picturing your mum with a feather in her hair!! It was worth the effort though as it is a lovely photo.

  3. Poppy! Great photo, good thing mum doesn't have to get the film developed to see the
    results! Would be a long time coming. We celebrate our country's birth today.
    Hot weather for it, won't be much in the way of fireworks, but I don't like the
    noise. Have a good weekend.

  4. I feel your Mum's pain! She got there in the end though, you're gorgeous! xxx

  5. MOL, Poppy! You should see how many outtakes my human has on her camera card!

  6. MOL! Way to make your mum work for those photos, Poppy!

  7. Wow, you're good, Poppy. My lazy beasts only make me waste about twenty shots each.

  8. You are so funny Poppy. Poor Mum - did she try standing on her head ... this always works for Pippi !!!!

  9. you don't look very happy in this pose either! oh well....