Thursday, July 9, 2020


A big part of a cats day is spent  waiting  for mums and dads to get home.  It is also a bit strange round here as mums routine is always changing.   Mum finished late last night and was up early this morning, so we are hanging  out for 4pm on Friday when the weekend  can begin.


  1. There's been quite a loot about Cats and Dogs
    over here Poppy!x
    Owners have been home on Lockdown, for 3~4 there able to get back to work,
    there pets are devastated, to be left alone!
    Reports of cats and dogs pining for there
    Mums and's quite serious in some
    cases..! :(.

  2. poppy q....muz werk schedulez crazed.....knot manee could handle it....we noe uz catz could knot coz we due knot like R roo teen changed much !!!

    pee ezz....we saw a storee on R nooze bout a dood in queensland who hada eastern brown in hiz car; de pole lease had stopped him ta ask why him was speedin !!! WHOA !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. oopz....a spellin errorz...R furst oh de yeer...thatz spozed ta bee mumz ;) ♥♥☺☺

  4. Oh bless! I think ours are waiting for us to go out, nearly four months of us being under their paws all day is driving them daft! xxx

  5. I'll bet you are used to the changing routine, Poppy. You probably don't let it bther you as much as it would bother some humans.