Friday, July 24, 2020


Mum and I are ready for the weekend    Her nightshifts finished this morning.  She had to stay awake  to go and see her doctor to chat about her shoulder.  Then she went to the library to pick up her new supply of books and a quick wander around the supermarket.   Home for lunch if a meat pie and an orange  for her, and then mum had a nap. 

The evening  has been quiet as mum winds down.  Her mind is set to be wide awake now ready for going to work again at 11pm.  It is pretty tricky  to switch out of night shift into a normal sleep pattern - it feels like jet lag says mum.  Do she is going to curl up with me and her book and try and get some sleep.


  1. Ah! Bless! Your Mum certainly works very hard Poppy!x
    And..ALL..those funny hours, which they call shift must take a lot out of Mum, both physically
    and mentally to keep adjusted to the time of day, and
    night..still..cuddles with you will make it better,
    we hope so..Bless!x

  2. Sounds like mum has a plan. You will both benefit from
    time off together.Good food and good books.

  3. Yay for Mum's night shifts being over, Poppy. We hope you two have some good and relaxing time together.

  4. My mom used to come home after the last midnight shift, sleep 3 1/2 hours; and when waking via the alarm clock, the was feeling awful as though she'd been hit by a car...she stayed up until 2300 hours and then went to bed. During the wake time after the nap, she cleaned house thoroughly. That routine got her days and nights re-set.

  5. That is one disdainful look! I got the same after leaving the lads in the garden all afternoon yesterday to sit drinking gin with a friend! xxx

  6. Thank goodness the night-shifts are over. What did the doctor say about her shoulder? A meat-pie and an orange for lunch - that's funny: I had that exact fare for breakfast this morning!