Friday, July 10, 2020


Mum liked this old photo of me snuggling on the bed having a snooze.  She had a snooze like a nana on the couch after eating her dinner, and woke up in time to watch Naked Attraction.  Such a start to her weekend off!!  She feels a little productive, she got some washing done, and a few little jobs pottering about as usual.  No fancy nights out on the town this week. 


  1. Always liked your bay window Poppy!x
    Wish l had one..l think they look
    really nice..!

    So Mum's got a weekend off..that's
    nice, she'll spent more time with you'll have to cut down
    on the sleeping..HeHe! Bless!x

  2. Maybe fancy feast weekend for you Poppy with mum at home
    to enjoy. She's had some nice outings lately. So you are on
    her list of enjoyment this weekend. Have a good snuggle.

  3. Such a cosy view into your home, Poppy. :-)

    We hope you both have a wonderful weekend.