Sunday, July 5, 2020


Mum took herself out visiting to see her lively friends who live by the sea.  The clouds even parted and gave us a sunny day.  Mum passed  this house by the beach that has broccoli  and cabbages growing by the roadside footpath.  How nice to spend the afternoon  with good friends, especially  when they haven't  been altogether since before lockdown.

Mum got some groceries  on the way home, and made a roast for dinner.  So now she has to put some stretchy  pants on and get ready for bed.  All that sea air has made her tired.


  1. So pleased Mum managed to get out and enjoy
    some friends company Poppy!x
    Pubs etc opened up for the first time last
    night over here, think it went o.k. but bit
    of trouble in some places..anybody would
    think they'd not had a drink in three months!
    At least people an now go out..! :).

    Best get on..was going to cut the grass, but it's
    blowing a gale, suns out, but the wind, leave it
    till tomorrow now..don't like doing to much on
    a Sunday..! P:o).

  2. Such a lovely sky and garden your mum saw, Poppy.
    And to know she would come home and share about it
    with you. Her dinner sounded tasty, how was yours?

  3. Ah, it would be glorious to live by the sea. But I think the sea there is rather chilly, isn't it?

  4. Oh, how beautiful, and how nice that your mum got to visit with her friends, Poppy.

  5. Mum is envious of your mum being able to meet up with her pals for a nice meal out. Mum is sticking with picnic lunches in the park with hers. Don't know what they will do when winter comes!