Saturday, July 18, 2020


Hi Caturday  friends.  It is wintery but mild with occasional  rain.  Mum has only left the house to put small  scraps out for the birds.  She has been moping  feeling  sorry for herself today.  Sore shoulder, with some toothache  and now a sniffling  cold - a trifecta of  uncomfortableness.  She did well to have a shower and get dressed and do some washing and a few small  chores.

Mum is spending  the evening watching  a Netflix documentary  called Lenox Hill, following  four doctors  at a New York  Hospital.  It is the show that is the talk of the tearoom at work, something  that has not happened  for years.  So having little sleep has its bonuses  more time for shows and snuggles  with me. 


  1. We've started having those programs over here,
    documentaries on hospitals, ambulances, etc...
    Where the cameras are up every~bodies backsides..
    Don't watch any of's all bit to upsetting
    for me..l find it difficult to handle..! :(.

    We've got a barbeque at four o'clock this afternoon,
    just the neighbours, in and around the front play area,
    everyone's cooking there own food, be nice for us all
    to get together again for a chat, think they'll be
    about twenty of us..couple of hours of fun..! :0)
    Wonder if Fudge will bring his pigeon..! :).

    Perhaps Mum ought to have a large whisky with lemon
    and honey Poppy!x If she breaths it over you, you'll
    both sleep till morning..! HeHe! Bless!x

  2. Heavens, Poppy, you must nurse mum back to health. When she's down, she's really
    down, not so good for her time off. No hospital shows for me, I actually faint at
    the sight of blood. Husband cut his thumb wide open years ago, and when he and his
    father came home from the hospital, I was still out on the field where I had fainted!
    Take care of mum.

  3. Good Heavens, so much discomfort for your mum. But if a body is feeling poorly, it will give the opportunity for other problems to come in. She may as well get them all over with at once...

  4. Your poor human. I hope she feels better soon

  5. We're sorry Mum's shoulder is still hurting, Poppy. We are sending love and healing purrs.