Friday, July 3, 2020

Friday Fun

Mum had a fun Friday today.  She met up with a group of friends for a pub lunch.  She had a big plate of loaded fries with a nice lemon  lime and bitters.  She did a bit of shopping  and bought  a couple of woolly  jumpers.

She then came home and talked to me  for a while and did some dishes.  Then she got ready to go out again.  She joined a group of  besties for dinner out.  The food was delicious  but the portions were a bit small and pricey, but mum doesn't  mind when it is a birthday night out. She had short rib with veg and roasted parmesan potatoes  and a brown sugar pavlova for dessert.

Home and on the couch, and I'm sitting  by the heater while we watch Tattoo Fixers then off to bed.


  1. Oh! Wow! Mum did have a lovely day Poppy!x
    And! Two new'll have to give
    them a try, see if they are really comfy..! :).
    Perhaps Mum will leave one on the bed without
    thinking..HeHe! l doubt it though..! :(.

    Nice and sunny over here, but very windy..and
    a bit chilly..still, it's dry anyway..!
    Ideal for a bit of washing out on the line,
    but l did all mine last Tuesday..! :). Oh!
    Well..! :o).

  2. I guess we have your summer heat over here now, Poppy. I would
    send a bit of it if I could. Precious now tries to stay under
    the bed to be in the cool dark. Glad mum had some fun but came
    home to a cozy apartment and cuddly cat.

  3. Hi Poppy. What a lovely day your mum had! We hope you both have a terrific weekend! ❤️

  4. It sounds like your mum is making up for lost time with her friends, now that your lock-down is easing. Good for her! And good for New Zealand that it did so well.