Tuesday, July 7, 2020


The skies were looking  lovely on mums walk home tonight,  and the lights were sparkling.  The calm before the stormy weather  that is due.  I was pleased  to see her, and got my feast within 20 seconds  of her coming in the door.  She has her priorities  right.

  Mum had leftovers  for her dinner of roast  lamb with parsnips, carrots and sweet  potatoes.   She then made a 2nd dinner of rice, and  sweet and sour chicken so that she has some dinner  to take for her shift tomorrow  night, simple but tasty and piled up with lots if vegetables.

 She then sat down to watch a program  about Toranga Zoo in Sydney.   Mum so enjoyed seeing the amazing animals, the rhinos, gorillas and albatross and beautiful  Sydney harbour again.  Now there is a program  about matching homeless dogs with new people,  which always makes mum a bit teary. 


  1. Lovely photos Poppy!x
    They look so calm and peaceful..Lovely! :).

    You know, if there are ever programs about
    New Zealand on TV, usually on CH4 l always
    watch them, especially the wildlife ones!
    There's only one place l'd ever want to
    visit now..is New Zealand..getting on a
    bit now..but..if l won the lottery, l'd
    be knocking on your door Poppy!x HeHe! :).

    Oh! And l'd visit Blackie and Miss Pippi to,
    and say hello to them..I think l'd just travel
    the planet, and say hello to ALL the pussy~cats
    l know via the Blogs..! What fun, l'd say hello
    to there owners to..if there about, but..the
    pussy~cats would take priority first..Bless! :o).

  2. What a beautiful peaceful scene your mum has pictures of. And the 20 second
    dish of feast! Glad you can keep track of time Poppy. I read about cats and
    dogs saved here in the US from hurricanes and tornadoes and now, covid. They
    all deserve good homes, so I understand a tear or two.

  3. A city at night can be beautiful, and it’s an especially appealing picture when taken from a hill, as yours was, Poppy.

  4. What wonderful photos, you and your mum live in such a magical place.
    If you haven't already seen it, watch Kedi, a film about the street cats who live in Turkey, it's so joyful and lovely. You'll both enjoy it! xxx

  5. poppy Q ewe haz mum trained well !!!! 20 secondz iz rather long....but !!!!!!!

  6. Hi Poppy. We love to see your adventures and we hope you and your mum are safe.

  7. Your city sure is beautiful, Poppy. Hooray for Mum having her priorities straight. 20 seconds??? We are impressed!