Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Mum was up early this morning  as she had to head into town for her appointment.   It was foggy and cold when she left home, but the closer she  got to town the fog was clearing, she was even early and got to wander round a bookstore.   Although  she no longer buys  any  books she will take photos  if covers of ones she  is interested  in, and see if the library  has it available.

She got a steroid injection  in her sore frozen shoulder, done under ultrasound.   It was quick, only 5 minutes and sore for a couple of minutes.   Mum came home to rest after as it was quite uncomfortable  and she is not allowed  to work until Thursday.  The injection  may reduce pain and inflammation, so hopefully  mum will feel a bit better.

So it was an afternoon  of reading  her book and relaxing  with me.  The sun was out, so the windows  were open and fresh air let in. 


  1. We sure hope the shot works! We know it's hit and miss with those, depending on the person and the issue. We'll cross our paws that it's a "hit" for your mum!

  2. Help mum keep that shoulder warm, Poppy. You can enjoy her company a bit while
    she waits for the injection to work and stays home with you. Love reading books
    and I am the same, look for new book titles on the store shelf and see if I can
    get them at the library free.

  3. Pleased Mum is getting something done for
    her shoulder Poppy!x
    I've just come back from Dorchester, our
    main hospital town, justb had my yearly
    check on my pacemaker..all that way just
    for 10 minutes..but..all o.k.
    The old ticker, is still ticking away...! :).

    Went round the shops for couple hours, bit of
    lunch, then back home..job done! :o).

  4. Geez, that shoulder is really taking its toll on your mum, eh? I hope she finds some relief from its discomfort soon.

  5. Is your mum getting physio for her shoulder? Mum said that is what she got when hers got all frozen many years ago. It worked and now she is able to move her arm all OK.

  6. poppy Q....we hope mum can take a therapy sessionz ore two for her shoulder; de food servizz gurlz mom had frozen shoulder N de theraphyz werked grate !! ☺☺♥♥

  7. I hope the steroid injection helps your mum's shoulder, Poppy.

  8. We sure hope that steroid injection helps Mum's shoulder, Poppy. We bet hanging out with you made her happy.

  9. I hope the injection works, and your human's shoulder gets better fast.