Friday, July 17, 2020


We are dreaming of warm summer afternoons with bright blue skies.  Instead it is a dark winters Friday night and mum is tired of having heaters on and wearing layers of clothing.  Mum is pleased to have the weekend off and a chance to get some rest.  Her shoulder is sore, even a few days after injection, and busy days at work moving things about haven't helped.   She tries not to not complain too much, as watching and reading the news things are pretty dire around the world.  We are glad to be in our little bubble here, where life carries on pretty much as normal at the moment, but we all figure it can change so quickly.


  1. We've got 'HOT' summer days Poppy!x
    And..were pealing off layers of cloths,
    it's gonna be a hot weekend, put some
    washing out earlier, all nice and dry..

    I thought l (we) would be having pigeon
    this weekend for dinner..
    I came downstairs yesterday morning..6.30..
    to make my mug of green tea..l looked out the
    net curtains, and there's Fudge, dragging a
    pigeon down the path in his teeth..! HeHe!
    He managed to jump onto my Barbeque..and
    then onto next doors conservatory roof,
    and away home..! I phoned his Mum in the
    evening, to enquire about the pigeon..NOT..
    it's health..! :). But! she had thrown it
    out...Poor Fudge..! He should have left it
    with me..! :o).

  2. Precious would mail you hot humid weather and a few chipmunks and
    squirrels if she could get herself to the post office!
    Sorry Mum has the shoulder still bothering her.
    Our country is worse than ever with covid. My county is lowest in the
    state for cases, but surrounding counties now have mandated masks
    and I never go without one since the beginning. It will get worse
    in my area soon I know.

  3. You could take some of our heat and humidity. It's too hot to even be out for more than a few minutes, at least for this woman at a certain stage in her life. :-P

    We do hope your mum's shoulder is better soon. We don't remember--is she having physio?

    Take care and have a good, restful weekend.

  4. poppy Q; sum heet iz on de way....we hope ewe N mum can N joy de week end N her can rest her shulderz....♥♥♥☺

  5. Hope that shoulder eases soon, Jon's knees tend to hurt more after his steroid injections (not that they are available at the moment) but settle down after a week, fingers crossed yours feels better soon! xxx

  6. Oh yes, we have the hots here, Poppy. We wish we could share some of them with you and Mum! We also hope her shoulder starts feeling better soon. XO

  7. I hope the shoulder settles down for you
    Yes. I’m tired of the short dark days and cold
    Hopefully it warms up soon and we are able to start living life again