Sunday, July 19, 2020


I have been a good nurse to mum and letting her rest today without disturbing her too much.  She managed to make it to the couch and back again several times.  She had tomato soup to ease her sore throat and lots of lemon drinks.  The germs are moving southwards, she says that she is always surprised when she has a cold or flu, that each day you seem to wake up with a different set of symptoms.   She seems to have become the expert on these bugs as she suffers a couple every year, although it has been since the end of March since anything real has taken hold of her.  

The worst thing is that she has a set of nightshifts starting tomorrow night and dreads having to go in when she is sick, and her body just wants to stay in bed.  She also doesn't want to give her germs to anyone else, so hopes that she feels better tomorrow. 


  1. Ah! Bless! You tell Mum if she's not up for
    it..then keep her home Poppy!x
    Especially as it's night shifts..! :(.

    Lovely photo Poppy!x All bright eyed and
    bushy tailed..! :o).

    I felt a little light headed this morning,
    last night the barby went on till midnight,
    few beers, bottle of wine, plenty of food,
    so a good time was had by all..! :).
    I gave the supermarket a miss..always go

  2. You'd think, with all the masks that mum would not have picked up cold
    germs. But they lurk every where. You sound like the pro nurse, Poppy,
    so hope mum feels a bit better by the night shift time. Be waiting for
    her afterwards.

  3. Good job taking care of Mum, Poppy. We are so sorry she caught that cold, and purr she is feeling better tomorrow befire she has to go back to work. XO

  4. Hope Mum feels loads better soon! xxx

  5. I hope your human feels lots better before her shifts!

  6. Sending healing purrs to your mum. Now that your fall has come people do seem to pick up some of those nasty bugs.

  7. I'd call in sick, if I were your mum. She could use the time off.