Sunday, July 12, 2020


Its been a quiet  cozy weekend.   Mum stayed home all weekend  with me, no going out or spending  money.  She has had some bills to pay lately so it  was nice to relax and I dont charge her for my company. Mum also managed  to trip over the quilt as she was making the bed last night, hurting  her sore shoulder again, so was glad to rest today.

Mum enjoyed  the slowed down weekend  but can feel the thought of the work week approaching.   So to quiet down she will read her book for a while then she has been trying a new thing on Spotify.  There is a podcast called Nothing  Much Happens where you are read a 10 minute story, then the story  is repeated at a slower pace to help you sleep.  Have your people  tried any apps like that?


  1. Only use the one app, on my mobile,
    and that's Gallery! That'll do me! :).

    Just got back from the supermarket,
    quite busy to~day, it's a hot weekend,
    so people will be having BBQ's..
    I bought a chicken, for a change,
    pussy~cat Fudge saw it, and got quite
    excited..but, he'll have to wait for
    an hour or so for it to cook..! :).
    He's had two saucers of milk already,
    and so has Flossie..they love there milk..! :).

  2. I've never heard of a podcast ike 'Nothing Much Happens'. I think it might keep me awake, after all.

  3. A cozy weekend with Mum sounds great, Poppy. We are sorry to hear she hurt her shoulder again. :(

    We are going to check out that Spotify podcast. It sounds great!


  4. I think just looking at you Poppy, should make mum relax and
    fall asleep. You know, if you charged mum a fee for your care,
    you could bank it for her for a rainy day when the bills show up!
    Or make sure you have funds for the feast!

  5. That is a good way to relax and fall asleep. Mum just chills in bed and tries not to think of stuff!

  6. I'm glad you and your human had a quiet weekend, Poppy. Sometimes you need those.