Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Good Sort

Mum got some groceries delivered today, an opportunity to get some of the heavy stuff like bottles and awkward big rolls of toilet paper that are difficult to bring home on a busy bus after work.  She got a text to say that they had been delivered, but there was nothing outside our house.  When she went to the website, it said to give them an hour or so to see if they were just delayed.  An hour later there was a knock on the door, and a young lady said that the groceries were dropped off at her house at the other end of the street.  She kindly then offered to drive the down in her car for mum and help unload them. 

Mum thanked the nice neighbor who was so kind to help her out, and will pop into the garden center at the weekend to pick her up a nice pot plant to thank her.  It was a nice reminder that there are some nice helpful people out there - what we would describe as a good sort.


  1. Ah! I do that when a friend or family help out,
    l prefer to give a gift, than money..much nicer,
    as l prefer to receive a plant or gift to..!

    Well..we've had a pussy~cat diagnosed with the
    virus over here in the UK..caught it off it's
    owner, it developed cough, wet nose and a chest
    infection..latest news this morning is that cat
    and it's owner have now proved negative..so it
    all ended well..
    But! They do say that cats or dogs cannot transfer
    the virus to humans..! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, it's good to know your mum has grocery delivery available -- and that she has a good neighbor just down the street. I've been using the grocery delivery option since the pandemic began, and I've found it especially helpful with such heavy items as bags of cat litter. The pot plant is a lovely idea!

  3. Lovely neighbor, Poppy. Hope mum gets a coupon or discount
    from the store next time she shops. The lady will be surprised
    and pleased with a thank you gift.

  4. You have a good neighbour, Poppy! We're glad your mum got her order, that someone else didn't keep it. If there's a way for your mum to notify the delivery company, we recommend she does. That's happened to us, the human has taken to adding in extra directions or texting the driver (if possible) with specifics about our location.

  5. poppy Q; yur nayborz bee way nicer; round heer it wooda been 50 50 as two whether ore knot ewe got them back....sad...but troo.....we noe yur naybor will troo lee N joyz de flowerz ☺☺♥♥♥

  6. It is nice to know you have such good neighbours. I have had everything delivered since the beginning of March and went into a shop for the first time on Saturday. It felt strange and I was surprised how nervous I was. I had to go to get Ivor a birthday card though

  7. Glad the naybor helped out so your mum got her stuff. I hope she let the store know that they goofed on the delivery.

  8. That sure was nice of that neighbor, Poppy. And we think Mum's plan to buy her a plant is super awesome, too.

  9. How nice of your neighbor. A potted plant is a good thank you.

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  11. It was nice that your near neighbour helped out, but it would have been nicer had the groceries been delivered right…

  12. How lovely and very kind of you to reward her kindness in return! x