Sunday, July 26, 2020


Just soaking up some late winter sun here.  It is a bit frosty in the morning, but we have had some lovely sunny days with warmth if you are in a sunbeam.   Mum has refused to go out both days until the germs are shaken away.  She has to work tomorrow and hopes she will have got over the bugs overnight.  She is just left with an earache at the moment which is hard to sleep with.


  1. You just caught that sunbeam Poppy!x
    A nice bright one..We've got sun to~day,
    after a day and a night of's
    really nice a warm, drying out nicely..! :).

    Last day of the football over here to~day,
    all kicks off at 4 o'clock, for a couple of
    hours, my football team has already won the
    Premiership..still plenty to watch..!
    And..The Antique Roadshow at 8 o'clock,
    to~night..never miss that..repeats or not..!

    Poor Mum has earache..not nice when there's
    a problem with yer ear..bad enough getting
    wax, l've had that just three times, and
    that's not nice either! :(
    Hope she's o.k. for work tomorrow!

  2. Good thing you feel better than your Mum. Help her
    shake the germs off.

  3. That's a nice sunpuddle, Poppy. We sure hope Mum feels better soon.

  4. I hope she feels better soon.

  5. Hope she’s feeling better soon. Lots of cuddles from you poppy will help

  6. Oh, an ear-ache at bed-time is a terrible situation. Let us know how things are with your mum later.