Monday, February 8, 2021

Blue Skies

 We hear that many if our Northern hemisphere friends may be living with cloudy grey skies at the moment.   These were our skies last night.


  1. Oh! What a lovely sky Poppy!x
    I'm not sure, but l think it's
    called a Mackerel sky..cos it
    looks like the scales on a mackerel's

    Just gone ten over here, and the sun is
    out in ALL it's glory..though still very
    cold...Brrrrrr! :(.

  2. Yes Poppy, a mackerel Sky will make a kitty hungry. I had some chilling yesterday but it was only 15 degrees and today it is only nine very bitter cold and we have another 10 days to look at a head. So I'm quite glad to see you're warm sky and enjoy your summer every minute.

  3. Lovely clouds, Poppy! We've had a very grey, dull, depressing winter, though right now the sky is clear. The price we pay for that is the "polar vortex," though, so it's FREEZING!

    Take care and have a good week. :-)

  4. awesum cloudz foto poppy Q !!!! we iz glad for cloud coverz rite now coz itz like 100 bee low zee roe heer ~~~~~~~~~~~~

  5. What unique clouds! Beautiful!
    You guys are AWESOME!

  6. That's what we call a mackeral sky (or a buttermilk sky, if you're Hoagy Carmichael). It often means unsettled weather coming. I hope it's different in New Zealand.