Tuesday, February 9, 2021


 We just chilling.  Mum and I are definitely taking it easy.  Mum almost slept in this morning as she set her alarm for Monday not Tuesday  - silly girl.  She still got a quick shower and got to work ten minutes early.  


  1. Think l'll be home now for the rest of
    the week..just looked through the Paddington
    Bear curtains, little flurry of snow! :(

    Nice TV picture Poppy! Thought it was a
    fish tank when l first saw it...! :).

    Upsetting news this morning, Mary Wilson,
    has died..76..one of the original Supremes..
    I spent 10mths up in Detroit at Motown in 68..
    so l knew her, so l knew ALL of the Motown gang,
    back then..! Good days..! :o).

  2. In my house Precious is the alarm clock. Glad to hear your mum got to work on time. It's stressful working sometimes.

  3. hee! Hee! We are like Precious! Even though our Mom retired in November we make sure she is up by 7 am! You guys are awesome. We hope you have an amazing day!

  4. Ten minutes early - you can do that when you rush, but who wants to rush every day? Besides, a little inadvertent extra sleep probably did your mum some good.

  5. Well, we suppose it's better she got there 10 minutes early, rather than late! We hope you are having a good time chilling.