Thursday, February 11, 2021


 You'll be glad to know that I'm a bit more settled this week and I've slept a few more times in the mum bedroom, even snuggling a few times.

Mum made the tiktok pasta tonight for her dinner.  The one where you bake feta cheese and cherry tomatoes which make a tasty sauce when you add pasta and basil.  Mum enjoyed it as she wouldn't eat feta normally and she liked how easy it was to make with simple ingredients. There is plenty for her lunch tomorrow too.  Has anyone else made it?


  1. mmmmM! Lovely! As a Sicilian of course, l eat
    paste 4~5 times a week, in various forms!
    My favorite being Pasta in Forno..!
    But! Just pasta, mixed with olive oil, garlic,
    and oregano, is just fine for a snack for tea..!

    When l came back to this country in 73, l was
    married then, we had a pure white pussy~cat,
    Darlinga..and she loved pasta, especially tea time, we'd sit in the front
    room, and eat off a tray, in front the TV...
    She would jump up next to me, and sniff my
    plate, l'd push a strand of spaghetti towards
    her..she would grab it..the rest was just fun
    and games with her trying to eat it, it went
    ALL over the place, her head was covered in
    tomato sauce..! HeHe! :).

  2. The pasta dish sounds very yummy. I do eat some pasta that I guess not very often. I love what Willie had to say about his cat and tea. You look good on your mum's bed.

  3. So glad you are settling Poppy. Mums dinner made my mouth water. Oh how I wish I didn’t have to be gluten free. I am being tempted terribly to get an Hawaiian pizza this week. Life is too short to live like this. What say you Poppy ? At my age would you give up your temptations ?
    My dad wa a diabetic but he used to keep a pinky bar in his drawer 😂

  4. We're glad you're more settled, Poppy, and hope that continues.

    The biped saw that video via a morning news show yesterday, but no, she hasn't made it. She can't eat soft cheese anymore, or tomatoes for that matter. Or garlic. Or a long list of other things. LOL. But it sure looked yummy!

  5. poppy Q ewe bee lookin most bee ewe tee ful two day...we iz glad yur settlin...

    de FSG haz knot tried thiz; her likez ta make pasta then add Parmesan cheez N stir reel well.....and that'z it... ☺☺♥♥

  6. Mum isn't into feta cheese herself. Sounds OK.

  7. My human is planning on making that recipe! As soon as she's sure it's safe to go to the market again, she's going to pick up the ingredients.