Saturday, February 20, 2021


 We thought some if you would like a reminder of blue summer skies, mum has been watching the news and seen how chilly our northern hemisphere friends are.  It did start off cloudy, but turned clear and hot as the day went on, making it hard for mum to know how to dress.  Uniforms were washed and dried on the line, windows opened for some fresh air and the Hoover got dragged around while I napped.  Mum went for a walk in the sun and got some groceries  for her dinner and looked in a few shops, but resisted buying anything.  I managed a healthy 22 hour nap  - I love Caturday. 


  1. A nice bright sunny sky is very welcome
    Poppy!x Thankyou! Our sky is very over
    cast and wet..! ;(.

    Poppy!x Tell Mum, as l know she watches
    Antiques Roadshow..that l watched a
    repeat program last night, and a lady
    brought something she found 30yrs earlier
    whilst weeding in the garden..Turned out
    it was a Tiki...after some explanation
    from the was valued at
    Amazing for summat she found in the
    garden, across the over side of the
    world...! :)

    Found this online...
    The hei-tiki is an ornamental pendant of the Māori of New Zealand.
    Hei-tiki are usually made of pounamu, and are considered a taonga by Māori.
    They are commonly called tiki by New Zealanders, a term that actually refers
    to large human figures carved in wood and to the small wooden carvings used
    to mark sacred places....
    (If you wanna see one one..just Google it)..

    1. Hi Willie the common name for the tiki is greenstone. What a story that would tell. Keep warm. 🥰

  2. I’m sure you do Poppy. I love Caterdays too. Yesterday my friend went all around my garden with me and we sat in our shaded area and we had a lovely chat. I told her about a video I watched as Dame Judy Dench showed ud her 6 acre forest. They had something like a stethoscope and you could hear her old oak groaning as it grew and every 30 secs. It beeped and that was it’s sucking up the water for the leaves. It was on utube. Love mums photos.just catching up as have not been well so missed seeing you for a bit. 🐭🌈

    1. Hello Sally...I've seen Judi Dench in
      'My Passion For Trees'...
      Here's the link..

    2. Very nice of you to put it up. I hadn’t kept track of it. Thank you, I so enjoyed it. I hope other people who love their gardens will watch it. I talk to my plants and trees. Prince Charles was really up with the times 😊

  3. Poppy, thanks for the beautiful picture of the warm Sky. Tell your mom to keep those photos to look at when winter comes your way later on. Super frigid where I live, and Precious wants the windows open and we can't do it. So she just takes long naps just like you.

  4. The photo made us feel toasty warm. It's 28 degrees F today!

  5. Bright and sunny here too, but not warm!

  6. Oh Poppy! Your sky looks like a lovely summer sky! We car so ready to get warm here! And we LOVE Caturdays too! Have a marvellously happy day!

  7. Caturdays are the best! Poppy, we had sun today, too, but it was mighty cold outside. :)

  8. Saturdays are good, Poppy, no matter the weather.