Saturday, February 13, 2021


 Mum pulled up the covers, put the pink pillow on the bed and went to smooth the covers and I  had already plopped myself down before she got a chance.  She went out for an afternoon walk and got back 3 hours later and I was in the same spot.  

Oh and only one lot of howls in 48 hours.  Yippee says mum.


  1. Ah! Blsess!x
    It's very cold over here Poppy!x
    Even the River Thames has frozen
    over first time in 58yrs...
    I think a mug of hat chocolate is
    called for..warm up a bit..! :o).

  2. You do look so comfy Poppy. Who would want to give up that warm spot. Glad you were pretty quiet for your mom.

  3. Poppy! You look marvellous darling! Only one Yowl is terrific! You are AWESOME! Have an amazing day!

  4. Why move when there is no better spot?

  5. That looks like a purrfectly comfortable spot, Poppy, we don't blame you for not moving!

  6. That's great news about the less howling, Poppy. That bed sure does look comfy!

  7. I do worry about the stressful life you seem to lead dear little Poppy Q !!