Tuesday, February 23, 2021


 Two days into the working week and it feels like 20 this week.  Mum feels she hasn't been very productive or organized.   She's going to stop watching bland TV tonight and try to read her book for an hour.  She used to be able to sit snd read for hours, but finds it hard to sit still and do that now. Me - well I can sit still for hours on end.  My days if zoomies and tree climbing are over.  Yes - I used to climb trees and jump up onto the top of neighbors sheds.  Now my biggest jump is onto the bed!!  


  1. HaHa! Mum will have to get you a small
    set of stairs Poppy!x Like John has
    on the side of his bed for his pussy~cats,
    so much easier than jumping about! :).

    Suns out over here, but quite a strong
    wind, still it's dry, that's the main
    thing, none of that wet stuff..! :).

  2. Poppy, the most jumping I do anymore just to get up and to the top of the clothes closet so I can sleep all day. Now Lynn, she tries to read or sew while waiting for warmer weather. Precious

  3. I don't jump to the top of the tall furniture anymore either. I used to be a jumping fool! Won't gold medal and all.

  4. Aww, we understand how it is, Poppy. You deserve to do lots of relaxing and stuff now.

  5. I think I recall some of your exploits on neighbours' sheds, Poppy. And I understand how your mother feels these days...

  6. I still love zoomies! But then, I'm only six... almost seven.

  7. The bed is safer and far more comfortable! And it is so hard to be productive under stress, isn't it?