Saturday, February 27, 2021


It seems to have been the nicest day we have had of the summer, and they are telling us autumn starts on Monday!!  Mum got up early this morning and filled the washing line with clothes and towels.  She met a bestie for bagels at a local Cafe and wandered round a few shops.  Mum had read about the pipe band competition on at a local park.  She stopped to watch and listen for an hour, but was feeling a bit sunburnt and needed a bathroom break, so headed home.

I was glad to see her and us girls had a nap before dinner.  Dinner and relaxing for us.  Mum is just watching a breaking news on TV with a community case in Auckland again, so we go back into another level of lockdown again.  Mum is keeping her fingers crossed that it is only a couple of days like last time.


  1. Lovely hearing Mum had a nice day Poppy!x
    And a pipe band it was really nice
    in the sunshine..
    Suns out over here to, second day on the
    trot, and more forecast for the next couple
    days..! :).

    I'm off for a lemon tea, browse through
    the paper, had my breakfast, so plenty to
    do now! :)

  2. The band members look really excited about playing their music on such a beautiful day. You keep your mama safe at home Poppy. No outbreaks for you two are allowed. Otherwise have a great weekend.

  3. I saw on the news today that Auckland is going into a 7 day lock down from Sunday morning. At least your Prime Minister is right on the ball trying to stop further spread.
    We have lovely weather here also. A bit cold but lovely sunshine and blue skies.

  4. Sweet Poppy I missed seeing you. I grew up inWellington and at the age . of 8 went to boarding school in Dunedin. Columba College.Each weekend the boys from the brothers MeGlashan school would come and stand on our front lawn and play the bagpipes. I had never seen or heard of that but I really enjoyed it. That was in 1950. Thank you for the memories, although I nearly died of homesickness. I wish I had the inner strength of Prince Philip. What a great man. Thank you mum and PoppyQ. ❤️

  5. It does not look like people are distancing properly there so I hope the lockdown works. I hope you and Mum stay safe.

    1. Life is pretty much as normal here. We have a couple of community cases in Auckland so they have a higher level of lockdown only announced 14 hours ago.

    2. you are very fortunate then. Please stay safe.

  6. You have lock down by you even though the cases is in Auckland?

  7. Gosh! it is so nice to hear that there is pretty much normalcy - somewhere! You are AWESOME! Have a marvellously happy day!

  8. We are glad Mum had such a nice day, and we love that you two got a nap together. We are sorry to hear about the lockdown, but New Zealand is doing so well dealing with the pandemic. We hope it is a short one.