Monday, February 15, 2021


 Our skies do not look like this today.  Raining and muggy, but last night they were lovely.  Still it saves mum having to water the garden.  


  1. We've been without rain for a few days..
    Still cold, and the sun has just popped
    out..! :).

    I've been busy, stripped the bed down,
    even turned it around, and the mattress,
    ran round with the hoover, general tidy
    up...the bed linen ready to go into the
    spinner, then some ironing to be done,
    that'll take me to lunch time..!

    Always things to l don't get bored
    during lock up..ooops! l mean lockdown..! :)

  2. Glad your weather is warm in steamy Poppy. We are expecting one foot of snow over the next two days. Still waiting for February to just go away. I know you don't want it to because it's your summer too bad we can't just make things our way. Glad your mum did not have to water the garden. When are snow melt we won't have to water until about August haha.

  3. Rainy and muggy; it sounds like a late summer rain, Poppy.