Sunday, February 21, 2021


 Sunday  evening  is about getting ready for the week ahead.  Mum is going to heat up 2 Easter buns for her supper, get her uniform ready for Monday and make a chicken, cranberry and cheese wrap for her lunch.  Me - well I will get some treats, have a snuggle and snooze.  Purrfect.


  1. I'm having chicken to~day, for a change,
    give the game a rest, l eat so much game,
    l think one day l may grow feathers and
    fly off into the woods..! :).

    Weather out there is still mucky, though
    the rain has eased off..and quite mild
    and warm..
    So..lazy day to~day, settle down later,
    three games of footy on this afternoon,
    that'll take me to bed time..! :)
    Every day seems much the same as the
    previous one..still..keeping busy..! :o)

  2. Treats, snuggles & a snooze- sounds about purrfect to me!

  3. You don't really have two different coloured feet, do you, Poppy? I didn't think so: it's the lighting...

    1. I'm pretty sure I'm the same color grey all over. It must be mums poor photography.

  4. Such cute little pawsies, Poppy. You and Mum's Sunday preparations sound pretty good. We hope you both have a super week.

  5. Easter buns? I hope that means bread, not little bunnies!

  6. You paws are cute! Our Mom wants to kiss them! Does your Mom kiss your toes?|We hope you guys have a marvellously Happy Day!

  7. Did you pose for the 5th most popular cat breed listed on "Mousebreath's" post (Feb. 20, 2021)? It looks just like you, you beautiful furry babe!