Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentines Day

 Happy Valentines Day to you all my friends.  Mum and I had a sleep in, and mum took a leisurely approach to the day.  She had a bagel with avocado for her brunch while she got some washing done.  She did dishes and tidied and then took herself out for a walk.   She is trying to keep moving while the weather is good.

Mum came home and fixed my dinner first, then made some tasty steak and vegetables for herself.  The evening was nice, so mum pulled some weeds in the garden and watered the plants and just sat outside and breathed in the summer air.  

NZ has 3 community cases of Covid, all one family in Auckland so it will be masks on  tomorrow on public transport here and a mini style lockdown in Auckland for 3 days while they test contacts.  We are lucky that we are only having small outbreaks sporadically  and there are plans to control any spread.  Mum did just about poop her pants when the emergency alert went off on her phone, which was in her pocket while she was pulling out the weeds. 

So thanks for being our friends and we just wanted to say we love you all.  Kisses - mum and poppyq xxx


  1. Oh! What lovely flowers Poppy!x
    And pink as well..Nice! :).

    We're still on Lockdown over here,
    though things are looking up, the
    deaths and positive tests are going
    down, won't be till early March,
    when some things will be lifted, the
    kids may get back to school on the
    8th..but, it's still up in the air..! :(

    We love you and Mum to Poppy!x Goes without
    Happy Valentines Day to one and all...I'm
    on my own to~day, as l am every day..! :(
    HeHe! So l'm making a pizza, nice bottle
    of Chianti..and l'm gonna watch the 1967
    film..St Valentines Day Massacre..! :O)

  2. Happy Valentines to you Poppy and your mom. That's a beautiful bouquet of pink petunias to look at. Sorry about the new outbreak in your country. Over here I am waiting to get my vaccine. I'm on the list but there's so many of us over 65, it's a long wait. We're celebrating Valentine's by being close to home in the cold weather. Enjoy your day and have some more yummy food.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day, Poppy and Mum Julie!

  4. Beautiful petunias, Poppy, and the purrfect colour for Valentine's Day. 🌸

    The lockdown in our health region was lifted last Wednesday, but with the B117 (the one that originated in the UK) variant spreading fast in the province now, experts are predicting a third wave within a matter of weeks. This really is stretching everyone's resilience. The winter deep freeze isn't helping the biped's state of mental health,either. But... One day at a time!

    We wish you both a very happy Valentine's Day! 💖

  5. I saw on the news that you have 3 new cases all in the same family, but your Prime Minister is right on the ball. Happy Valentine's Day Poppy and mum!

  6. What glorious flowers! we can't wait for spring to come here! We hope you feel loved and appreciated on Valentine’s Day. Because you are! Have a most wonderful day!

  7. isn't the alarm loud. Lovely flowers - sounds like you girls had a nice time

  8. Happy belated Valentine's Day to you and your human, Poppy.

  9. I wonder how that family got covid. New Zealand sure jumps on any reports of it, don't they? Good for them.