Thursday, February 25, 2021


 On mums way to work, she passed these urban olive trees which are all full of little olives.  Mum likes to look at them but is not fond of eating them except on the occasional pizza.

Mums shift finished at 8pm, and then she went to the supermarket.  So now I have spent the last 20 minutes howling at her while she tries to ignore me.  Good luck with that plan mum.


  1. I'm so pleased to hear from you Poppy!x
    I was worried about you climbing that
    tree yesterday..! As long as your o.k. :).

    I love olives, what Sicilian does'nt..
    though there sold in ALL sorts of forms
    now~a~days, my favourite is the good old
    black olive, with the stone left in....!
    And..Don't forget there very good for you,
    l take a teaspoon of olive oil every morning
    at breakfast, and have done since a boy growing
    I was a long distance runner at school, always
    rubbed olive oil on my legs before a race..!
    Very good for aches and pains..!
    Helps Prevent Strokes...
    And..olive oil is protective against heart disease...!

  2. Dear Poppy, what kind of song were you singing to your mum? I bet it was just to tell her how happy you were she finally came home. I love seeing the ripe olives, they would never grow where I live but I do like to eat them occasionally.

  3. We have never seen olives on a tree! And Poppy we really feel for your Mom. We have a couple of loud cats who yell quite a bit snd it can be really difficult. We send your Mom our love and strength.

  4. Did she buy a pizza and forget to share with you?

  5. I don't care for olives, but like to see anything growing. What is it that makes you howl, Poppy? I'm a bit worried.