Saturday, February 6, 2021

Caturday Snoozer

 Mum and I slept in until a lazy 10am which was delicious.  The day was cloudy and cooler than the rest of the week so mum booked herself an afternoon movie ticket.   She cleaned the bathroom, washed a whole load of knickers and quickly hoovered the carpets.  

She saw A Very Promising Woman that mum would only give a 2/5.  It seemed to be trying too hard to be edgy and just came off a bit confused  with it trying to be too many things.  She liked the premise and the first 20 minutes, but after that mum thought about leaving a couple of times.

So mum got herself a burger for dinner and enjoyed her walk home as the weather had cleared and the sun was peeking through.   So a nice relaxing evening with me and no howling yet.


  1. Mum had a nice day out Poppy!x Except for the's been a few years since l've been
    to the movies, the last film was Michael
    Jackson's 'This Is It'..2009..!
    I found the cost to high, and by the time you
    have ice~cream, nuts and goes a bit
    over the top..Especilly the popcorn, l only want
    a small bag..NOT buy the factory..! :(.
    Still..l enjoy my DVD's...! :o).

    1. I seldom eat or drink at the movies Willie, as the tickets are expensive enough. I used to go once a week, but now it is only once a month on average. You are right though, it is too expensive and I think that many cinemas will not survive after Covid.

  2. Poppy, it sounds as if your mom had a lovely day. I don't go to the cinemas either. Any more things just look so goofy but I don't think I'd enjoy them no matter what. But it's fun to have an outing come home to you snoozing on the bed quietly. You're still too young Poppy, to be making the noises of an older cat. Enjoy your time together

  3. In all my life which has been filled with cats I have never had one that yowels. My pussys lived to be old and arthritic. I do wonder if Sweet Poppy is now feeling her age and missing you. That is not a comforting thought but if she is not in pain I feel she misses you. Sooo sorry but that is my thought. My best wishes and love to you both. ❤️

  4. So glad you both had a lovely day.

  5. Mum only goes to the moovies on $5 Tuesdays, not that the cinemas have been open here anyway!

  6. Except for the not-so-great movie, it sounds like mum had a pretty nice day, Poppy. And you certainly look relaxed there, sweet one.

  7. Poppy, we are glad that you and your peep had a terrific day! We did too! \Mom had to shovel the driveway twice because of the snow. We hope you have a quiet evening!

  8. Well, if the movie was only fair, at least the rest of the day seemed pretty good.