Monday, February 22, 2021


 Mum walks too and from work each day and gets to see neighborhood cats which make her smile.  She enjoys the fresh air and it often helps her to wake up in the morning.   She also listens to a podcast which helps keep her mind alert and stimulated.  It also adds to her step talky for the day which is a bonus.

Me  - well I'm happy to go back to bed to get my mid morning and late afternoon naps.


  1. If l walk into town of a morning,
    l usually pass three pussy~cats,
    and of course l have to stop and
    say hello...l spend 5~10 minutes
    with each of them, as they want a
    bit of fuss made..starts the day off
    really well for me..Bless! :)

  2. What a sweet cat. I do miss having one. Could you forgive me for putting in a plug for Godfreys in Belfast, Christchurch NZ. They rang and said was vacuum cleaner was ready to collect. They put the effort for fixing filters and said, going well, and call it ‘good will ‘ lovely to know there are some very caring people in the world. Have a good week mum and poppy. Enjoy this great weather. Tomorrow 32 degrees. 😅

  3. I'm always looking about to see cats in Windows and any that might be running around outside. I'm just a cat person. Now I don't think Precious would enjoy seeing any of them.

  4. You have the best life, Poppy...

  5. The biped misses the daily walking that she would get when she was commuting to the office. Working from home has meant she's far more sedentary, and it's not good for her body, in spite of almost daily video workouts! It's always fun to see neighbour kitties, flowers blooming, etc. Maybe next year the biped can get back to a more "normal" life. :-)

    Take care and have a great week, both of you!

  6. I am at last able to thank all those who have given sympathy upon my Josie's death. I am sorry for the delay. You are right: Josie has no more pain, just youth and vitality. I will see here again one day.

  7. wavez two ewe naybor oh poppy Q

    poppy; N joy yur napz on yur shoppin bag :) ☺☺♥♥

  8. That reminds Mom of taking Cinnamon for a walk when we lived in the city! We don't see too many cats in windows here (present company excepted) We have a cat tree in the bay window! Have a happy Day!

  9. Walking is such a good activity for humans. We cats, of course, don't really need it. (Although I do enjoy walking on my leash.)