Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stormy Sleepy Thursday

 Sorry you didn't get to hear from us on Wordless Wednesday.  Mum had a long day at work and then was on call at night and was busy.  She was just about to post and her phone rang.  Luckily today was easier and she has been lazy all night, just chilling and doing nothing.  She promises that this weekend she will make the bed in the spare room so she tells me to enjoy the mattress sleeping while I can.
Mum was eating her lunch at 2pm and noticed it was dark outside the work window.  This storm was a rolling on in, and she watched the hail pour down and some lightening and big peels of thunder.  It did roll over pretty quick, but it has dropped the temperature, so it is all quilts on the bed tonight for her.

She is looking forward to a full nights sleep in bed.  She has been going to bed earlier and trying lights out by midnight.  How bout you ladies and gents?  Sleeping well?  Getting your seven hours in?


  1. A very spectacular shot of the storm rolling in. You have a wonderful view from where you live and it looks like a nice place.

  2. Look for you everywhere Poppy!x
    Those clouds look a bit nasty Poppy!x Make sure you stay in, and close to Mum for nice warm cuddles!
    Take Care!x

  3. Poppy, dear, enjoying a full night's rest isn't easy for humans if they're tired or hurting. Kitties can help by snuggling beside them and purring them to sleep...good girl!

  4. Wow, what a stormy sky, great capture!

    Our human usually gets 6 - 7 broken hours of sleep, but as Beth mentioned, it's not always easy to feel rested. Our human has been tired since her late teens. LOL.

    Have a good day!

  5. Wow, that storm really does look like it's rolling. I'll bet it was a sharp one.

    Despite the muggy atmosphere here, I am sleeping reasonably well; better than I would have thought. I can't wait until crisper temperatures, all the same.

  6. Wow, that was quite a storm coming in! I'm sure the bed will be almost as comfy when it is made.

  7. terribly windy here all night kept me awake.

  8. poppy food gurl haz knot sleeped 7 hours in yeerz...

    uz....well, we just napped a full seven N then sum....awesum fotoz her captured by de clouds look like they iz rollin !!!

  9. Very nice photo! Nope not even hours. In bed nice and early but pain keeps waking me up. Haven't really had a full nights sleep in forever. But we all cope the best we can. It's very cold here too. So more wood on the fire please!

  10. Those are very stormy looking clouds.
    My mum is happy if she manages to get through 5 hours without waking more than two or three times.

  11. Pawsome clouds!
    We had some of those last week and we got hail :o
    It is Summer here.
    Mom tries to get 7 hours.She is a good sleeper (darn it)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  12. Did your mum take that photo, Poppy? Mum does her best to get her full sleeps. I certainly get all my sleeps. Meow, Jessica

  13. That's an impressive storm! I get more like 17 hours in, but momma sleeps way less.

  14. Our mum is looking forward to a good nights rest or three this weekend too.