Sunday, April 24, 2016

Early Start Sunday

Today was meant to be a good old sleep in for mum this morning, or at least til 7am which mum thought would be good for a nice 8 hour sleep, something she seldom gets.  Instead she appreciated an early morning cat alarm call - round about 5.30am.  I approached her with a sense of urgency as there were two matters that she needed to know about.

  Number 1 - it was raining outside, which I like to tell her about when I have been out for my morning ablutions.  The best way is to Meow loudly at her and then wipe your cold wet body over her hands and face.  Nicely Done.

Number 2 - I ate all of my morning biscuits and licked the bowl clean.  This meant that there were no biscuits available for when I get up again round midday.  It is important to tell your person about this 7 hours before you need it refilled and preferably before dawn - on her day off - on a Sunday.  Job done.

So the morning was a bit dull and cloudy, so mum stayed in her dressing gown and watched some shows and read her book.  Then she took herself off for a walk in the sun when the clouds disappeared and did a bit of window browsing, and then went to the supermarket.  She made herself a tasty dinner, some mashed potatoes, carrots and sausages, and opened a feast for me.

Now I am back on her bed, getting in my 10 hour night snooze, and mum is on the couch just chilling.

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday and did not get any early early wake up calls.


  1. Well Poppy!x As we ALL know..the matters of a pussy~cat are
    impeccable..(Did l spell that right)..If l said it once l've
    said it millions of times..."Dogs have owners..Cats have staff".

    The weather over here is nice...but rain forecast later. I'm
    having one of my own made curries to~day, if you want a good
    curry, make it your self..! Hot Hot! Hot! :). And, a can of thinks! :).
    Three games of football on this afternoon...So that's me sorted.
    Hopefully! No visitors...'Please'. HeHe!
    You enjoy your Snooooooze! And Mum enjoy her chilling...! :0).

    1. Oh! Sorry Poppy!x
      It should say 'manners'..not matters...!
      Silly Willie...!

  2. Poppy, dear, I've never been late to any morning appointment, thanks to my cats' adherence to a strict routine -- like yours.

  3. Poppy, you get your day started bright and early! We are all quite lazy here in the mornings, both us kitties and my human. We should all take lessons from you!

  4. We get more purrsonal attention when we get wet outside (which IS admittedly pretty rare). Towels and laptime. Makes it almost worth getting wet.

    TBT says yer Mom should try a mix of 1/2 canellini beans, hot italian sausage, chopped tomatoes, minced carrots, chopped celery, and green peppers. Not quite soup or stew.