Monday, April 4, 2016


Mum had a busy day today.  She had a lovely evening last night with her niece Miss Belle - they went out for dinner and then sat and watched a movie.  Then they were up early this morning as Miss Belle had to catch her plane back to Auckland, so mum went with her to the airport.  It was a bit of a grey day and they got there nice and early so there was time to sit and eat breakfast and have a bit of a chat.

Once mum waved Miss Belle off - this was her Air New Zealand plane moving out to take off, she went into town for a bit of a wander.  It was a quiet morning pottering round, then mum went off to the library to sit and read, but found herself nodding off, so rather than snore in public, she went to the supermarket and got some supplies then headed home.

So washing was done and put out on the line, and dinner was cooked - a feast for me and mums usual chicken and broccoli past for dinner.  A bit of tv and then some phone calls and now bed for us girls.  Mum is pleased that  I have returned inside and seem quite calm tonight.

Hope your week got off to a good start too.


  1. HeHe! Thought you were gonna say..Mum went to
    the supermarket for a snooze!!! :).

    What a lovely plane Poppy!x I love airports
    to...One near me, love to go in the mornings,
    sit and have coffee and watch them landing and
    taking off!

    Busy! Busy! Round the house..And, it's raining,
    not a good start to the week...! :0).

  2. It sounds like your mum had a lovely evening and day! We hope you both have a great week, Poppy.

  3. It was a good decision of your mum's not to send you to a hotel for the duration of the construction. It seems not to have bothered you too much, Poppy.

  4. Poppy, dear, sometimes there's no place sweeter than our own humble home, and no agenda more pleasing than our own mundane routine. Peace!

  5. Poppy, your mum is like a cat; snoozing in the library. It must be sad to say bye Miss Belle but luckybtonhave had a nice visit.

  6. poppy q....nites will be ternin brisk out yur way.. sew yes, stayin inn side iz a grate eye dea !!! glad ewe N mum hada awesum day all round...heerz ta mannee mor ♥♥♥

  7. Glad you are spending the cool nights inside.

  8. Poppy, we're glad that you are feeling comfortable at home, after all the building commotion.

    Sounds likes your mum and her niece had a furry nice visit. Have a good night's rest both of you.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku