Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thoughtful Thursday

Mum is laughing at me, cos I seem to be running round the whole time.  If I come through the door I zoom zoom into the bedroom or zoom zoom to my bowls to eat my biscuits.  Every time, super fast, I skid round the corner.  Then I lay down on her bed and snooze for hours.

Tonight we are watching some flares go off over the harbor, it must be a special night for somebody letting them all off (don't worry we don't think there are any boats floundering about).  Mum is a bit tired, she worked late last night and then had to be back at work early.  It was a steady day that got busy at the end as usual, so she went for  a walk after work and popped into the library to stock up on reading.  She has a huge pile of books, but luckily a weekend off, so is going to hit the reading hard.

Leftovers for dinner for her, a stir fry with lots of vegetables she made yesterday that was filling but a bit dull.  Me I feasted the feast and have a nice full tummy.

Mum got her flu jab today.  They make a bit of a fuss about  sitting down afterwards and taking it easy.  Mum always goes straight back to work and feels fine, it is super easy and takes two minutes.  Working at a hospital mum wants to avoid getting sick.  She has had a couple of nasty bugs over the years and is keen to avoid other peoples germs as much as possible.

So mum will finish the dishes then she has an hours rest on the couch before she pops the on call cell phone on.  Then it is Friday and the weekend will be on its way.


  1. Goodness Me Poppy!x
    You be careful...All that running about...
    They'll be dragging you off to the Olympics
    in a couple of months! :).

    How strange..I had stir fry yesterday, had some
    turkey pieces left over from Sunday! Sat out on
    the patio, with a glass of wine...Lovely!

    Flu jab..I'm always asked if l want one, never do.
    Never had flu, not even a cold, think it's all the
    garlic l eat, it dare'nt come near me...But! HeHe!
    Nothing else will either!!! Have fun!x

  2. Ah, we'd love to see you zooming everywhere, Poppy. :-)

    Your mum seems very good at practicing self-care, which is something generally lacking in our absurdly busy world.

    Purrs and peace.

  3. Poppy, dear, there must be zoom-zoom in the breezes that only cats can sense. My three younger felines are zooming, too.

  4. Between the fatigue and the dull meal, it sounds like a bit of bland ending to the week, Poppy. It's a good thing your zooming about the place adds a bit of cheer. (My Tungsten used to rocket through the house from time to time.) And with the weekend coming, your mum can fill up on sleep and get some energy back.

  5. poppy Q....noe joke....peepulz round heer get de flu shot.....then....get sick....go figure......we iz happee yur mum will haza week oh end off; will be nice ta chillax with her N do sum thin, nothin ore a combo oh both !! ♥♥♥

  6. Mum got her flu jab when she worked in healthcare, then wanted to be healthy as she was around Grampie and other seniors. Don't want to get them sick. Plus when she was in school, typical students don't take care of themselves and won't stay home. So mum has probably gotten the flu thingy for 30+ years. Glad your mum has a weekend off to chill and read books.