Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stormy Skies

Mum was up before sunrise this morning, and on the way back from her shower this was the pretty view out the window.  I was up already and out exploring morning smells in the back garden, seeing who had popped in overnight.  It turned out a lovely day here, but other places round the country got a lot of rain.

Mums work went alright, it was quite busy but she got to finish just as things were beginning to heat up.  She tried to make a healthy dinner, with some stir fry chicken and salad in a wrap.  She has been watching quite a few shows about the amount of sugar that we are consuming - kind of scary isn't it?  She saw a Jamie Oliver one, where he showed a normal days worth of food that contained about 37 teaspoons of sugar in it, and we are only meant to be consuming 7 a day.  Mum is trying to make some better decisions about her food - to get back on track, as she has been a bit distracted lately, so time to settle down and get back to better habits.

Things are changing for the family too.  Sister in law moved to Adelaide Australia yesterday.  She had some troubles with her job over the new year, and with Gdad dying things all changed.  She got head hunted for a new job with great new opportunities, so we hope things go well for her.  Big Uncle is getting things sorted at home, and he will join her soon.  So mum better get a passport so that she can go on holidays sometime!! Somewhere new to visit for her.

Hope your Sunday has gone well and you all got some relaxing done.


  1. And...A passport for you to Poppy!x :).

    Jamie Oliver is a pain in the butt..! :(.
    That's all he goes on about over here..Sugar.
    Trying to get it reduced in it's
    fizzy drinks. Annoying everyone food makers,
    even the government! But, when you see his
    recipes in the Sun on Saturday for sweet things,
    the amount of sugar he uses is way, way over the
    top....He's an idiot...A very rich one...but, still
    an idiot!!! HeHe! Can't stand him..!

  2. Poppy, dear, every morning I set out a breakfast buffet for the neighbors' barn cats (to encourage them to hunt mice and chipmunks on my little property) and I do enjoy watching them "reading" the stack of straw bales like a morning newspaper. Aha! A raccoon, two possums and *ugh* a dog...

  3. Gorgeous sky! We're glad you didn't get a storm out of it.

    We hope the move goes well for the family. It's exciting to move but furry stressful too.

    Have a great week ahead!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. We had lots of sun and warms this weekend for us.