Monday, April 18, 2016

Leaky Tap

Our kitchen tap has been a bit of a pain for a while.  The landlord last year fixed it, but in the past couple of weeks it has been dripping, and now this past week has been running solidly and making a bit of a racket.  Finally with some days off mum has turned her attention to getting a plumber in to get it fixed.

She emailed a company this morning, who said they had a group of plumbers and professionals in her city to do jobs.  When she got home later there was a reply which slightly amused her as it said that they had such a rush of jobs on it would take at least two weeks to get someone to her.  They also had what mum thinks of us implied rudeness by commenting that as mum had sent her email after 5pm working hours it would not be dealt with until the following working day.  You think an online company would be smarter than that.  Just because they did not read her email until after 5pm does not mean that that was when it was sent.

So luckily mum has the day tomorrow to try again and see if she can try someone else.  The noise is getting quite annoying, and mum could do with the peace and quiet at the weekend.  As you all know it is a bit of a pain getting a tradie in to do a job, especially a small one, and when you are working full time and seldom at home.  Sigh!

Good luck mum.


  1. We've got companies over here like that Poppy!x
    Run by idiots, or should l say 'drips'. :).
    Make sure if she gets another company to do the
    job, that the landlord pays the bill...! Or if
    Mum's pays, she gets it back from the landlord.
    Only fair!
    And, yes, nowt more annoying than dripping water!
    Even if you put a saucepan to collect it...Sounds
    like a three piece band...Heavy Metal Band...! :0)

  2. Hi Poppy! Your mom might want to look up how to fix a leaky faucet on You Tube. I had the plumbers here for an expensive job and a few months later a bathroom faucet started leaking. I was determined not to spend the money and started watching videos. I cut off my water and took out the cartridge in the faucet, brought to my local hardware store to match it up. Bought supplies that the video said I needed and voila! I fixed it myself in about 20 minutes!! Very proud of myself I will say! But I understand since you don't own your home, why pay for something the landlord is supposed to take care of!

    Does your landlord pay for water? You might tell him his bill is going to be very high because of the leak. Maybe that will get him to take care of it! Good luck!

  3. Hi Poppy. Maybe it's just a washer? Why doesn't the landlord come back and fix it or send someone? Here in Canada landlords are supposed to do just that, it's not up to the tenant to have to arrange repairs. Good luck!

  4. What a bother. It seems sometimes that the smallest items cause the biggest problems. It astonishes me that some companies can stay in business with their versions of customer relations. Let us know how the tap goes.

  5. Mum knows that, she doesn't like taking days off for little chores. So when she gets enuf, everybody is here fixing things on the same day.

  6. It's a hard thing to find someone who will do the small jobs. Don't they realize the small jobs add up? We hope mum is able to find someone soon to fix the annoying tap.

    Does this mean your mum doesn't have to pay for water useage? A running tap here would cost a fortune!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku