Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Thinking

Tuesday was a quiet day at home for us, before mum did the afternoon shift.  She was thinking about lots of things, and amazed that it took up all of our her day.  Me well I think all day too - and often with my eyes closed.  Meditating the people call it.

Mums shift went well and she got some groceries on the way home.  She has got a bit of  her cooking mojo back, and is enjoying making simple meals every couple of nights.  She makes enough to last a couple of meals.

Mum did book herself a couple of days off for later in the year, so that she gets a break, cos is tired and knows that she will get through the next couple of months knowing that there will be a break at the end.


  1. Well...I've been busy in the kitchen to~day Poppy!x
    Yesterday, my neighbour can round with a turkey!
    Big one to, forgot to weigh it, it was frozen, they
    needed room in the deep freeze where he works, so they
    gave it to him. He suggested we have half each, so it
    thawed out over night, l took off the breast/leg/wing
    and gave it to my neighbour, l kept the rest. The meat
    on the carcass l took off and popped into my curry pot!
    My breast/wing/leg is now slowly roasting away in the
    small oven! So, plenty there for the rest of the week.
    My neighbours birthday tomorrow..He'll be 83. Still
    up, and up the farm, every morning at 6:30. Next month,
    he'll raise 2,500 pheasant chicks for the shoots, later
    in the year. He's amazing! We're both lovers of game...! :).

  2. Everyone needs a break, Poppy, especially the bipeds, since they seem to run around in a crazy manner for so much of their lives. We hope it won't be too long a wait for your mum's holiday. Does she not get a certain number of vacation days per year?

  3. When are your mum's holidays? She must have a couple of weeks coming. They are really something to look forward to.

  4. Get mum to cook you up some specialties, too, Poppy, while her mojo is back. :) xo

  5. Poppy, dear, it does seem that we middle-aged working women run out of caffeinated energy mid-April, especially if we've had to cope with personal challenges in addition to the usual holiday routine. I, too, have requested a few long weekends off and anticipate them with pleasure!

  6. poppy q...meditating iz una versal !!! ♥♥♥ we due that everee single day and nite..... we hope mum getz a 7 monthz vacationz....that'd bee awesum for her and ewe huh !! ☺☺☺