Sunday, April 10, 2016

Slow Sunday

Mum had a bit of a slow old Sunday today, feeling a bit better she went to meet a friend for lunch, although lunch itself was a bit of a disappointment.  She ordered the steak with potato done 3 ways and the rocket salad.  It was the priciest item on the menu and she was looking forward to something tasty.  The steak was small - about the size of a deck of cards - which we know is the size that nutritionists would recommend.  The potatoes well they were odd and mum does like a potato.  There was a round of cold mashed potatoes that seemed to be mixed with cashew nuts and herbs, they were topped by some crispy strings of fried potato (also cold) and then topped by a lukewarm foam that mum could only guess was potato as well.  All kind of odd, and although it was all ok - it just seemed a bit of poncing about and she would have preferred a bit more simplicity and hotness.

So once finished she then wandered through the city to the library to return some books.  The streets were quiet, as the roads outside the library were closed off to film Scarlet Johanssens new movie - no celebrities were seen however as the screens were pretty tall and surrounded by security.

Mum then filled up with a fresh fruit juice and took the bus home - just in time to take a nap and plan for an early night.  Middle aged ladyship is such fun.  Me - well I was outside on my deck and am taking it easy all the time.


  1. Do you know Poppy!x
    I never order or eat steak in a restaurant..NEVER!
    If l fancy steak, l go to the butcher, and tell him
    what l want, and, how l want it cut! I like my steak
    ..rare...with garlic and a large baked potato..!
    The other thing l do...If l go to a restaurant for the
    first wanna see the kitchen. If l'm happy
    with it, l'll eat there...!
    But, to~day l will enjoy my rabbit...!!! :).

  2. Size that nutritionists would recommend !
    I know that pain
    Me is pretty sure, Nutritionists & the VET must be close friends !

  3. Poncing food. I cannot handle it. It's steak and potatoes. Don't mess with it. Just make it nice. This is why I like eating at home. Hope your week is a good one

  4. We like Mr Puddy's comment about nutritionists and vets! :-)

    Too bad about the meal...Often the "good" or "fancy" restaurants serve strange things with small portions and big prices. *Eye roll* On the flip side are the chain restaurants or diners that serve HUGE amounts of food that go to waste. Somewhere in the middle is a happy medium!

    Purrs and peace.

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon, dam bugs and Winter isn't even here yet!!

  6. Mr. Puddy said it best.

    It's so annoying to pay good €$£ for disappointing food. One always thinks of better ways that money could have been spent.

  7. Those potatoes do sound odd and not very tasty. We bet the steak would have been good.
    Your day sounds purrfect to us Poppy.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. MOL about Mr. Puddy's comment. Hugs to you and Mum, Poppy!

  9. It is very disappointing when a meal doesn't live up to expectations. My mum likes her steak rare with chunky chips, not those silly little stringy fries.

  10. Mum would have sent the meal back and asked for it to be redone so the potatoes were warm.