Saturday, April 30, 2016

Middle Aged Lady Night In Caturday

Mum say this today on ETSY again, at Pet Krewe.  If you bought it for me mum I would eat you alive . Just saying.

Anyways it was another lovely sunny day here in the city.  Very un-autumn like weather.  So mild that mum did the washing and put it outside on the line overnight and all the towels were dry by 10am.  The sun was shining and lovely and warm, so mum walked into town.  She had spied some sneakers that were half price last week, and went to try them in, but they weren't in mums size so that was problem solved.  She did get a jumper half price which will be grand when the weather does cool down.

So off on the bus she went to visit with a bestie.  They had lunch at their usual spot, where mum enjoyed some chilli beef noodles and a banana smoothie.  The girls then did a wander and bought a couple of candles and a couple of small treats.  It was just nice to have a walk round, and the pedometer on mums phone beeped on the walk home to say that she had done her 10,000 steps for the day.

So home to see what I was up to.  As it had been so nice, she let me have my soft bed outside and I had slept in it all afternoon.  I came inside for my feast and mum cooked up some wontons for her dinner.  Candles were lit, and then she put a movie on Apple TV.  Miss You Already is a bit of a girl movie with Drew Barrymore and Toni Colette as best friends with breast cancer.  A bit predictable and silly, but nice to see some good girl characters.

So as mum was having fun on the couch doing middle aged lady night in I took myself off to bed - and dreamed I was a lion - roaming through Africa!!!

Hope you all had some fun today on Caturday!!


  1. Chili beef noodles and a bananana smoothie? We could handle the beef, but TBT says the rest of it would kill him. He cant quite figure out chili and banana together...

  2. I could imagine you roaming through Africa poppy!x
    Though you'd have to stay up a tree...Everything
    would be bigger than you. Perhaps you could make
    friends with some meerkats...HeHe! That would be fun! :).

    It's a bank holiday weekend over here, on Monday they have,
    what they call a Georgian Day here where l live...big funfair,
    stalls, bands etc in the town centre, up till 7 o'clock. Me!
    I'm staying home...not keen at all...! :0).

    HeHe! You be good....And, don't go 'lion' about...!!!x

  3. Poppy, dear, I think the lion mane wiglet would suit you! No, perhaps not.

  4. Poppy, the lion costume could be your Halloween costume.

  5. We agree Poppy, it is better to dream of your adventures as a lion that to be dressed up as one.

    Have a good rest of the weekend.
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Miss Poppy !
    Sound like a very nice weather ! Me is lucky too. A little bit of rain yesterday so all cool down ( but still hot ) Miss Poppy , thanks to share your experience with me because me freaks my mom out because I stay under the bed more than 8 hours a day ! I hope I get use to so soon.