Sunday, May 1, 2016

Feeling Bad

Not me - I'm not feeling bad, but mum is cos she stepped on my tail.  She had just given me biscuits, and then did the dishes, and when she stepped back she stepped on my tail - ouch. I cried and then ran outside, but ran back in two minutes later to jump up next to mum, so she thinks I am ok.  After a bit of tail flicking at her, I am now back to normal.

It was another lovely sunny day in the city, but the wind was up a bit more than usual.  Mum took herself out for a walk, which she enjoyed.  She often has a sore back and hips, and sometimes feel stiff at the beginning of the walk, but after about 15 minutes loosens up and begins to enjoy it more.

She walked beside the beach and then went to the Warehouse, our local sort of bargin store.  She found a big fold up hamper for her shoes which was nicer than the one she was using and a bargin at 50% off.  A couple of tshirts and a cute pair of pyjama bottoms went into her bag.

She also popped into the supermarket and got some stuff, but didn't feel like cooking when she got home, so just nibbled on lots of stuff, and now has veg and chicken for her dinner tomorrow night.  Me well I had my feast and some new biscuits, which I enjoyed tonight but who knows tomorrow.

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday and your tails are safe.


  1. Ah! Poor tail! Poor Poppy!x
    Still, you got over it quite quickly...!

    I've just had my Sunday lunch, roast turkey,
    potatoes, beans, and spinach. Love spinach!

    So l'm settling down in front the telly, l've
    got three football games to watch and get through.
    HeHe! Oh! what a stressful life this is! :0).

  2. Poppy, dear, I empathize with you regarding the shock of having your tail trodden upon. A lady ran over my toes with her wheelchair a few weeks ago, and I lost some toe nails. I miss them very much.

  3. Humans can be clumsy sometimes! Binga has a bad habit of getting in the way and both humans have stepped on her tail or foot at least once! They always feel really awful afterwards, but Binga needs to learn to keep her distance!

  4. Oh Poppy dear, your mum did not mean to hurt you. You see, is humans are not as agile as you cats. You are lucky to be having such fine weather. Here it is rainy but still able to enjoy a walk with friends. Holly slept all day.

  5. Your poor mum. I know exactly how she feels. I've stood on bellas tail and I felt terrible But you know. You are good at blending in you girls xx

  6. Ouch. I remember the first time I stepped on a tail. Tungsten leaped straight up in the air with a screech. There was no damage, just plenty of surprise - mostly on my part. And I just cut Cammie's claw far too short. We humans are clumsy sometimes, Poppy, but we don't mean any harm. I'm glad you are all right and have forgiven your mum.